Covid - Crime And Choice

EDITOR, The Tribune.

There were 73 people murdered in 2020, down from 95 person in 2019. This gives a homicide rate for 2020 of 18. 6 per 100 000. This is still considered an epidemic. According to United Nation, Homicide rate of 10 per 100 0000 or above is considered an epidemic.

it seems to me that The Bahamas elites value property and wealth more than people. I guarantee you if The Bahamas had a proper social safety net the homicide rate will decrease significantly.

Personally, I do not believe in welfare but believe in full employment. I suspect that greed will not allow my utopian socio-economic system where once a person is alive, he or she must get at least the basics.

I view socialism, capitalism and communism as the same system with slight variation. There is no way government is to be all powerful.

Conversely there is no way big business should be all powerful. The power must lie with the people so far, no system has successfully created that reality.

My request for a better social safety net is a compromise; the ideal is full employment. I plea for the marginalized because I could have easily been one of them except for luck and my love of knowledge more than anything else.

Secondly, I do have confidence in the COVID-19 Vaccines being produced because they have not been studied for long-term effect and the vaccine company have indemnity.

If they were safe and effective, they would be no need for indemnity. They have all the profit with no risk and that is a recipe for disaster. It is a moral hazard.

There is no incentive for the Vaccine manufacturer to make sure the vaccine is safe because there is no consequence if they are not.

Pfizer expects to sell $15 billion worth of COVID-19 vaccines in 2021, one of the world’s most lucrative drugs. They have not done any animal testing and other traditional safety requirement for any of the COVID-19 vaccines and because of the urgency of the COVID-19 crisis has been given emergency authorisation.

No one could scientifically claim it is as safe and effective as previous vaccines which many people have died from or been paralysed; although only a small percentage. There is only a 0.046 percent chance of dying from COVID-19 in The Bahamas.

As of February 4, 2021, there was 653 deaths and 12044 adverse events in the US according to the Center for Disease Control. The vaccine is not without risk. The world’s second oldest person, 116-year-old, blind and uses a wheel chair French nun, sister Andre, recovered from COVID-19 on February 10, 2021, and said “I didn’t know I had it,”.

I understand the government push for vaccination in an attempt to get back to pre-COVID-19 condition but that is unlikely to happen even if everyone is vaccinated. The vaccination does not give immunity or stop the spread of COVID-19 but only lessens the symptoms and decreases the chance of death. There will still be mask and social distancing and other COVID-19 restrictions that hinder economic activity.

This push to vaccinate reminds me of the two weeks to flatten the curve and almost a year and we are still wearing masks and social distancing and having curfew.

I believe it should be like marriage; those who want to take it, take it and it must not be forced. I have scientific issues with the vaccines but I realise that most people do not love science as much as me so it will be futile to discuss.

The vaccines are expected to give three months of protection; CDC states a person does not have to quarantine if they are within three months following receipt of the last dose in the series”.

Global elites will always move the goal post. Examine 9-11 restrictions, de-risking banking restrictions and now COVID-19 restrictions.

If they do not want people to travel or work without the vaccine, it would not change my mind because I value my life and heath over any material value.

I believe in natural immunity; I exercise, eat right and I am confident I can withstand COVID-19. Freedom is not what government gives me. The attempt to reach heard immunity is unfair to those who are not at high risk because if the vaccine works people at high risk can take it and protect themselves.

Since the COVID-19 vaccines do not stop transmission what is the point? Freedom is my choice because it is my life to live. Maybe those at high risk of death can take the vaccine, if they choose?

“We are our choices.” - Jean-Paul Sartre



February 20 2021.


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