A COMIC'S VIEW: From pandemic to a political soap opera


ONE thing I’ve kept a keen eye on from the sidelines (thanks to the COViD-19 global pandemic) is the soap opera playing out between the current FNM administration and the opposition PLP in regards to the handling of the entire pandemic and the subsequent results.


A global pandemic of this magnitude is uncharted territory that comes without a map.

A major problem for any administration FNM or PLP.

Just have a glance at the rest of the world!

Despite the naysayers, in my opinion the Minnis Administration has worked to unite the country as best it can in an attempt to bring people together from all divides to find life saving solutions.

Yet, despite constant offers and opportunities extended by the FNM (genuine or not) to come to the table and be a part of the process and part of the solutions, the PLP has remained entrenched in politicising any and everything, having chosen to use the pandemic to score cheap political points.


The FNM’s COVID-19 committee is comprised of accomplished health professionals, that have worked tirelessly with a wide range of community leaders to address the challenges brought on by this virus.

Despite the political mud slinging by the PLP, it is clear that the emergency measures implemented by Dr Minnis and his administration have saved Bahamian lives in the long run.

There were many critics, myself included, that took the Competent Authority to task over some of his decisions in relation to the global pandemic.

While third waves of COVID-19 are ravaging the rest of the world, the Tahamas currently has only eight percent of its peak cases thanks to the measures implemented by Prime Minister Minnis and his administration.

What still baffles me is that instead of accepting the offers of this government to work across the aisle on behalf of the Bahamian people, the PLP has chosen to play politics with the pandemic by refusing invitations to join briefings and sessions on the pandemic response and the way forward.

Nonetheless, the FNM has stayed the course in the fight against COVID-19, whether proactively or reactively, with a team of expert medical professionals and real doctors, including the award-winning Dr Dahl-Regis.

Meanwhile, the PLP COVID-19 Task Force is an ill-conceived, politically motivated sideshow that demonstrates the PLP’s desire to foolishly play politics during a deadly pandemic.

Sadly, it’s now getting monotonous to hear the PLP regurgitate their same old tired attacks on the government amidst the COVID-19 response, as if a career politician like PLP Chairman Mr. Fred Mitchell (that’s who’s pulling the strings in the PLP in my opinion) is more qualified and knowledgeable in this regard than the award-winning Dr Dahl-Regis?



In addition, The Bahamas was recently named among 27 countries that have tamed the Coronavirus.

According to www.endcoronavirus.org a coalition of over 4,000 doctors and scientists.

The Bahamas is one of the nations that enacted the right protocol and policies to mitigate against the spread of COViD - 19 in the country.

Here’s who else made the list :


Total Cases: 22,258

Recent New/Day: 1


Total Cases: 8,075

Recent New/Day: 9


Total Cases: 850

Recent New/Day: 2


Total Cases: 174

Recent New/Day: 0


Total Cases: 453

Recent New/Day: 6


Total Cases: 5,913

Recent New/Day: 3


Total Cases: 113

Recent New/Day: 0


Total Cases: 55

Recent New/Day: 0

Holy Sea

Total Cases: 27

Recent New/Day: 0


Total Cases: 5,975

Recent New/Day: 5


Total Cases: 41

Recent New/Day: 0


Total Cases: 2,405

Recent New/Day: 5

Marshall Islands

Total Cases: 4

Recent New/Day: 0


Total Cases: 556

Recent New/Day: 1


Total Cases: 1,262

Recent New/Day: 19


Total Cases: 1,584

Recent New/ Day 15

New Zealand

Total Cases: 1,144

Recent New/Day: 0

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Total Cases: 35

Recent New/Day: 0


Total Cases: 2

Recent New/Day: 0

San Marino

Total Cases: 2,815

Recent New/Day: 13

Solomon Islands

Total Cases: 17

Recent New/Day: 0


Total Cases: 4,744

Recent New/Day: 2


Total Cases: 870

Recent New/Day: 4


Total Cases: 53

Recent New/Day: 0

Trinidad and Tobago

Total Cases: 7,430

Recent New/Day: 17


Total Cases: 1

Recent New/Day: 0


Total Cases: 1,544

Recent New/Day: 3


In all of this the numbers don’t lie, and presently actions are speaking much louder than words.

It really doesn’t matter if you like the PM or not, he’s getting results where it counts and that’s the bottom line.

Let me break it down like this for some of you to better grasp it.

I’m no fan of LeBron James, despite him playing for my Lakers I still root against him.

In all of this, the numbers can’t be denied.

James’ career statistics are flat out phenomenal and despite his losing record (4-6 ) in the NBA Finals he will be a first ballot Hall of Famer, why because the numbers don’t lie.

Politicians may lie, but the numbers don’t.

You may not be a fan of ‘Doc’ and that’s fine, hell if he drops the ball tomorrow I will be all over it holding him accountable.

But until that happens I can only tip my hat to the PM for handling this situation impeccably.

Look and see for yourself, the numbers don’t lie.


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