Becoming hell on earth

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Often at the

Mercy of Thugs

this is nowhere

where I care to be.


in which I live

it is where my house is

not easy therefore

to just pick up and leave.

Is even this though

an indication of

the bitter taste

of the quality of life

in countries so many

are desperate to leave–

to vacate and head

for places where

there is law and order

where structured society

is guaranteed, is maintained

is this what we

allow to become

of countries we are from

fleeing them in desperation

for places that are governed,

kept safe from those

who would create mayhem

from those allowed

here and elsewhere

to make life unpleasant,

uncomfortable, unbearable

with loud music

that is tolerated

and not shut off

and not shut down

just the beginning of what

can and usually does get

much, much worse

so bad that, these places,

allowed to be spoiled,

are not fit for human

habitation anymore

nothing left but to risk life

to get to Europe

across the Mediterranean

or to the USA,

across Mexico,

across the Rio Grand

why are our home

countries allowed

to become so lawless

to be ruled by mayhem

why can we not make

these places, spaces

pleasant, prosperous

why are they allowed

to collapse like they do

those within who

are allowed to turn

our home countries

into hell on earth,



June 28, 2021.


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