Michael Pintard nominated for FNM’s leadership post

MARCO City MP Michael Pintard (centre left) with his nomination form. Photo: Racardo Thomas/Tribune staff

MARCO City MP Michael Pintard (centre left) with his nomination form. Photo: Racardo Thomas/Tribune staff


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MARCO City MP Michael Pintard yesterday sold himself as a “fearless” politician who would seek to engage Free National Movement freedom fighters, former parliamentarians from the FNM’s 2017 term in office and conduct a post mortem on the party’s crushing election defeat if he wins the party’s top post.

He spoke to reporters at FNM headquarters on Mackey Street after he was officially nominated for the party’s leadership post, which will be contested during the party’s one-day convention on November 27.

The MP also accused the government of bullying tactics, adding that he had the will to fight where and when needed.

“I think it’s important to be fearless,” Mr Pintard said as he submitted his nomination form. He was supported by former Members of Parliament Don Saunders, Miriam Emmanuel and Travis Robinson.

“What we are already seeing is bullying tactics by some members of this administration and again it’s difficult to believe that the leadership is aware that this is going on and so we intend to engage with the leadership of the Progressive Liberal Party with a view of getting them to set the correct tone for members of their organisation who were elected to be the gatekeepers of the country and to preside over the affairs of all Bahamians.

“In the event that those actions are not taken you need someone in the chair who is absolutely fearless who is prepared to help our people lawyer up so that we can take legal action when their rights are being infringed upon. To engage if necessary, in vigorous protest to register our concern and disgust for the kind of behaviour we are already seeing in certain ministries.”

He also addressed speculation that whoever wins the leadership of the FNM will only be regarded as a transitional leader.

“I don’t disagree with their view that there is an opportunity for somebody else to lead. What we want is the best person to take us into (an) election.

“My assignment right now until the next convention is to repair those dysfunctions that may exist in our organisation to unite all Free National Movement supporters no matter who historically they’ve supported as leader, to reignite the excitement in this organisation as the vehicle of change for the tens of thousands of FNM who stayed at home.

“…We intend to perform and the reality is if you don’t perform then you don’t deserve to lead,” Mr Pintard said.

Mr Pintard said it was his hope that one leader emerged from private discussions between the other contenders for the leadership.

East Grand Bahama MP Kwasi Thompson and Central Grand Bahama MP Iram Lewis are also vying for the post.

The nomination process for leader closed yesterday.


TalRussell 10 months, 2 weeks ago

There's talkin' about dramatic reappearance by Comrade Loretta who goin' be handed the microphone which was all but snatched out the sister's hand by a male red with no balls swingin', at the red party's 2016 convention, ― Yes?


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