A Call For Collective Action

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Under the cover of the Covid 19 Pandemic which has dominated the local news for nearly two years, the scourge of crime has been ravishing our society.

This is especially true concerning homicides which today, according to our figures, is significantly more than the total for the year 2020, and there appears to be no slowing down. In spite of assurances from official quarters it is quite obvious that a comprehensive national anti-crime strategy is desperately needed. The many Police strategies implemented over the years are clearly inadequate, and have failed.

The Police alone will not succeed, nor will the politicians alone. Crime is a societal problem, and only when all sectors of society are engaged in a collective effort will we see any meaningful progress. We can do it, with strong principled leadership.

Let’s Fix It.

Rev. Dr. C. B. Moss

Bahamas Against Crime

November 22, 2021


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