Phones ‘Ringing Off Hook’ For Thanksgiving Rooms


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Phones are “ringing off the hook” for one Family Island hotel which is already fully booked for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend, its proprietor said yesterday.

Cheryl Bastian, owner/operator of Swain’s Cay Lodge in Andros, told Tribune Business: “Things are looking good for us. This is very exciting. We have a lot of people calling to book with us and that is really motivating us a bit.

“Once the Ministry of Tourism puts more innovative advertising into the fly fishing, that would be great. For right now we are fully booked for the Thanksgiving Day weekend. There is not one room left in the inn. Somebody just tried to get a room and we don’t have it. What I’m seeing, and what I foresee, we will top 2019. That’s how excited we are. The phones are ringing off the hook.”

Christmas time is not such a busy time for Swain’s Cay Lodge as its clientele typically remain at home for Christmas, so staff are usually given the day off. However, a wedding that is booked for Christmas Day will likely change that this year. “January is looking pretty bleak, but I hope there are some last minute changes,” Ms Bastian added.

Pratik Mehta, general manager of the Holiday Inn Express, said: “We normally don’t share the data of our bookings and occupancy, but things are going very good for the Thanksgiving Day weekend.”

The upcoming Christmas/New Year looks favourable for the Holiday Inn Express as wel,l and Mr Mehta added: “I would say it is similar to 2019, and definitely way better than 2020. We focus on all of our guests, whether they are international or local travellers.”


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