Housing plan is not Constitutional

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Prospect Ridge sub-division – simply put as the previous Government presented it – is not Constitutional period.

Please, Madam Senator, refer to your Constitution.

I pass the site daily have not seen any signs that the site was surveyed.....when a site is surveyed you see the cut through the bush-undergrowth...none.... the site was evaluated years ago as a possible site for a new hospital owing to the topography the site was rejected.....

The site is steep from the top by Water & Sewerage pumping station down to Sandford Drive – heard there are a lot of unstable areas with potential caves.

If discriminatory qualifying conditions are removed then okay, but with age limits sorry fundamentally it is a Constitutional issue...check Article: 26 sub clause 8 a-b-c.



October 18, 2021.


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