Suddenly, We Have An Easy Choice

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Last week was an epiphany to some. But the shocking allegations of conflicts of interest by members of the present government (and their insulting, but predictable refusal to adequately address them by shifting the discussion back to the PLP) should have at least one positive effect.

Now that the flimsiness of the FNM’s main, distracting narrative (ie, PLP corrupt, FNM clean) has finally been revealed for all but the most obdurate and ignorant to see, Bahamians have an opportunity to consider what is really important to this country and to them and their families. And the choice is stark.

Under successive FNM administrations, while distracting allegations about the PLP rage, a tiny wealthy elite has enjoyed the transfer to them of ever more of the country’s wealth, while prices have risen and the public purse has been tightened against the majority. The result has been the shrinkage of the middle class and the relative impoverishment of the majority.

Under Ingraham, a consortium dominated by five wealthy families was given a monopoly over everything imported into the island of New Providence by sea, while under Minnis the central post office has been moved into a dying shopping mall owned principally by the Symonette family. Plans to sell what remains of our public assets to profiteers are probably now afoot, too.

On the healthcare front, select private healthcare providers (not to mention the beneficiaries of our needless “health visa”) have made a fortune from a COVID-19 crisis whose impact would have been hugely countered by the publicly funded, single-payer healthcare system which the PLP proposed and the FNM (with the backing of the usual suspects) opposed and scrapped.

While Peter Goudie and others deplore the PLP’s deal with the unions as meaning additional costs to employers, little or nothing is said about the rising costs of food, building materials and medical care that affect mostly the poor. In fact, just over a week ago Super Value readied us for the coming price rise in the country’s main food retailer.

While Bahamian workers pay higher prices yet earn lower wages than the adjacent mainland, our merchant elite are the envy of their counterparts abroad. The Nassau Guardian reported last week that AML foods reported its highest net profits ever this (miserable) year, posting a “staggering” 673 percent increase over 2020. In a recession!

If you believe in policies that keep money in the hands of the rich and subject the remainder of society to austerity in the hope that it will somehow trickle down (rather than up and out), then vote FNM. Just bear in mind that this economic theory has been utterly discredited everywhere it has ever been applied.

If you believe in policies that prioritise publicly funded healthcare, shift taxes onto the idle rich rather than the working poor and reduce the profits of wealthy businesses in favour of more compensation to workers (whose spending drives the whole economy), then vote the FNM out of office.

It really is that simple.



September 5, 2021.


Proguing 3 months ago

Another weekly diatribe against the FNM, rehashing the same falsehoods over and over again won't make it true. You are really a one trick pony. No, the government does not manage enterprises better than the private sector. The government just had to inject $78.2m into Bahamasair to compensate for one year loss for an airline that is never on time except for the first flight of the day. Putting the whole healthcare sector under government control would result in a national health and fiscal disaster. We don’t want to Venezuelize our country. It’s easy to promote such a scheme when you can fly to Miami to get medical treatment. Most Bahamians do not have that luxury.

As for your AML foods conspiracy theory, it is ludicrous. You should have at least read fully the article or you are just trying to manipulate people. Most of the increase in profit came from a $4.9m insurance payment for Hurricane Dorian. "Merchant elite" getting insurance payment for their destroyed facilities, how shameful! Vote for the PLP! Lol....


Dawes 3 months ago

You have to forgive the letter writer the PLP don't use Insurance, they just get the public to pay for their shortsightedness. How was he meant to understand what that insurance payout means.


DonAnthony 2 months, 4 weeks ago

I agree, I am an AML shareholder and this letter writer was very lazy and clearly did not read the article about AML profits, as 4.9 mill did come from insurance claims, or he was deliberately being disingenuous to use it to push his false agenda.


Proguing 2 months, 4 weeks ago

yes and I wonder if he would say that Bahamians made an "easy choice" at the last elections...


Dawes 3 months ago

The letter writer conveniently forgets to mention all those who have gotten fat off of the PLP helping them. Both parties are useless.


skeptic 2 months, 4 weeks ago

It confirms the fundamental gist of my argument that all of you can find fault only with the narrow issue of whether the profits rise of AML foods reflects insurance payout. Maybe (in part) it did. Does that negate my comments in any way. How pedantic.

Does the FNM not do the bidding of the narrow Bay Street and mercantile interests that fund it? Did it not sell your port to a few families and then grant them a monopoly within 20 miles? Did it not give Brent your post office? Did it not bow to Lyford Cay and refuse to remove a cap on RPT on luxury home a month after raising VAT to 12 percent?

Did it not scrap NHI on behalf of the pirate insurers who now hold you hostage to the most rapacious healthcare industry?

And all you can come back with is "he's forgotten about the insurance".

How sad and telling.

Andrew Allen


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