34 New Cases Of Covid-19, 164 In Hospital With Virus

THE Ministry of Health reported 34 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday.

The figures, contained in the September 19 dashboard, means the country now has had 20,249 confirmed cases of the virus since the start of the pandemic.

Twenty-eight of the new cases are in New Providence, four are in Grand Bahama, while there is one each in Exuma and Mayaguana.

Officials also said 164 patients are in hospital with the virus.

Five hundred and ten people have died from the disease.


happyfly 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Will the new powers that be please get it in their head that advertising these ridiculous facts is not good for our tourist industry. I am pretty sure by now that everyone in the whole world is aware of the dangers of Covid and that we are all supposed to get vaccinated or else we will die five times over. Papa Doc rode the emergency orders, lockdowns and daily rule changes down the drain and took the FNM and our entire economy with him. For what ?!?! The new world order ? Has the virus gone away ? Do we really still need to keep a daily count of how many people have died ? Really ? Isn't it about time that we took control of our own destiny and stop parroting the global mainstream media? We need to recognize that the only thing between us and financial oblivion is our tourism industry and if our biggest client (SE Florida) has decided to get back on with their lives and looking for a place to go on vacation........we need to be making the Bahamas as attractive as possible........ instead of chanting death death death !! I am very sorry if you are ill or have lost a loved one but am very sure that you don't need to be another statistic or headline in the newspaper.


ThisIsOurs 2 months, 2 weeks ago

That is the most irresponsible advice ever. Were you in Minnis' inner circle telling him to ignore the deaths and hold the election too?

You clearly dont realize that our tourism industry and mass influx of untested tourists caused the deaths. Mismanagement of travel protocols. Ignoring the deaths and pushing tourism is a sure recipe for the count to go to 1000. The two have to be managed "together"


happyfly 2 months, 1 week ago

Dear TIO. If we do not have tourism we will all most surely starve to death! I am not saying that we shouldn't take the corona virus seriously, I am merely suggesting that we do not play this foreign mainstream media game of scaring the sh.. out of everyone all day and night. We all know it is amongst us. We all know people are sick and in need of medical care. BUT why do we need a daily death count plastered across the front page of the news ? Bahamar had a load of conventions cancel for the fall because our newspapers were touting that the hospitals were at capacity and the US Embassy had no choice but to put out a travel warning. It doesn't make sense. If you want to stay hiding under your bed so be it but if there are Bahamians that are brave enough to go out and work in the tourism industry to feed their families and save this countries economy...we don't need a bunch of bad mouth sabotaging our vital foreign income


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