Culmer: Roll up your sleeves, don’t fly all over the place


FREE National Movement chairman Carl Culmer. (File photo)



THE Free National Movement’s chairman has criticised government officials for attending the United Nations General Assembly shortly after being elected to office.

Carl Culmer said instead of “flying all over the place” the new administration needs to roll up its sleeves and create jobs.

He also criticised some of the Cabinet ministers who were recently appointed, saying they are the “same old persons” with new portfolios.

“They say it’s much work to do, but they are flying all over the place,” Mr Culmer said on Friday. “They need to get down and roll up their sleeves and help to create employment. The pandemic is not going anywhere soon and they need to put a plan in place to rid the country of this pandemic. We will be watching and we will offer our recommendations to them because we all live here.”

He has also again criticised the Davis administration’s large Cabinet, which has 22 members. Seven parliamentary secretaries have also been appointed, which Mr Culmer said will be a strain on public finances.

“When they talk about ‘it’s a new day’ but when you look at it, nothing has changed,” Mr Culmer said. “It’s the same old persons who have been around, now with different portfolios. “. . .I am surprised to see that the prime minister just got elected and is leaving the country. Fred is supposed to be a man who knows foreign affairs, but now he is taking the prime minister out to New York.”

He also said: “When they were in opposition, when they spoke about the wastage of money and the large Cabinet that the FNM had, but they came in and forgot about that criticism. When you look at the amount of money that will be coming out of the Treasury to take care of all of these 29 persons, it shows that their back bench has very little depth.

“It shows that the current prime minister cannot make the tough calls. He has to please everyone and it also shows that Fred Mitchell will be playing a dominant role. He will try to isolate and take over the party through his office.”

Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis led a delegation on Friday to attend the United Nations General Assembly in New York. He returned yesterday. Fred Mitchell, PLP chairman and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Public Service, was a part of that group.

When contacted for comment, Mr Mitchell said: “I do not have regard for his (Mr Culmer’s) opinions on any political matters. His lackluster performance as chairman and his insulting and condescending conduct are responsible in great measure for their failure at the polls. He can't even properly advise his boss Hubert Minnis to resign in the name of decency.

“Carl Culmer should be before a priest in sackcloth and ashes for the abdominal performance of the FNM government. He and his colleagues are specialists in spreading half-truths, innuendos and misleading statements. The PM is focused on doing his work, not on the potcakes who showing off for their owners long after the intruder has left the yard.”

On September 16, the FNM was swept out of office winning only seven of 29 seats.

After the devastating loss, party members voted to allow former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis to stay on as FNM leader until a new leader is selected at a convention in November.

Mr Culmer will not offer himself for re-election in the party’s November convention.


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