Crime prevention and prisoner rehabilitation

EDITOR, The Tribune.

As the debates are being discussed as how to solve the crime problems in the Bahamas, here are some suggestions to deal with the vexing problems. The first way to deal with the crime problem is having a Police Task Force assigned to dismantling gangs in the Bahamas and be able to identify gang members so they can get them off the street from committing crimes.

The second way to deal with the crime problem is to have Police Officers patrolling on bicycles, cars and walking in all neighbourhoods to reduce home burglaries. The Bahamas Government must implement a Rehabilitation Prisoners Programme for first time offenders by having the ability to get a high school diploma, learn how to be a chef, electrician, carpenter, auto body repair and farmer. With the help from Bahamian businessmen and companies that will help these prisoners after being reformed get a job and be productive citizens in the Bahamas. The Bahamas Government must make Education the important tool and foundation to improve in making sure that children do not drop out of schools, and offer after school programmes to help them get a High School Diploma. It is a known fact that most High school drop outs will either be drug dealers or criminals.

As crime can be a threat to the Bahamas’ economy if the Bahamian business owners are robbed this could cause their businesses to close down and Bahamians losing their jobs. Also if tourists begin to get robbed, which can cause the United Stated Embassy and State Department to make a public announcement warning that because of the high crime in the Bahamas American tourists should not travel to the Bahamas, this will severely impact Tourism and the Bahamas’ economy. It should be remembered that is was the high crime wave in Jamaica in the 1880's that the United States Department issued a Travel advisory that due to high crime it was unsafe for Americans to travel to Jamaica, it had major impact on the Jamaican economy resulting in the Jamaican currency eventually being devalued. So it is very important for the Bahamas to get a handle on crime or it will destroy the Bahamas’ economy.



March 28, 2022.


mandela 6 months ago

The first thing that needs to happen is intel, what is the purpose of the National Intelligence Agency? Finding and stopping the influx of weapons coming into the country is the only way to stop the shootings, focusing solely on marijuana busts should be secondary, and stopping the influx of guns should be a priority.


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