Sales beginning to rise ahead of school return

CAREY’S Fabric & Uniform Store yesterday. Photo: Moise Amisial

CAREY’S Fabric & Uniform Store yesterday. Photo: Moise Amisial



LOCAL businesses say they are beginning to see sales ramp up as customers shop for supplies in anticipation of the opening of schools in the coming weeks.

Carey’s Fabric & Uniform Store’s managing director Kim Gibson told The Tribune yesterday that parents have been eager to outfit their children for their return to classrooms.

It is welcomed coming out of a time where schools utilised virtual learning, minimising the need for materials for uniforms.

“Since 2019, we haven’t had a full back to school. So, the parents are happy to see their children going back to school and, and we are happy to outfit them,” Ms Gibson said in an interview yesterday.

She added: “Once we saw that the country was opening up full time, then we went into full preparation mode, getting uniforms in for all schools on New Providence.

“And we also have uniform fabrics, for all schools in the entire Bahamas. So, if for some reason we don’t have the uniforms, like ready-made and hanging, we even have them custom made. Parents are relieved to know that they could come here and definitely find everything they need.”

Carey’s is also having sales throughout the month of August to assist parents with school shopping expenses.

Nassau Stationers was yesterday also said to be seeing an influx of shoppers, with its manager Uhura Woodside saying persons were already starting to purchase required texts and books for the upcoming academic year.

The manager highlighted that customers are eagerly coming into the store inquiring about prices so they can start the process of purchasing items.

However, some stores described the back to school season as “steady but not at a rush yet”.

This was according to Shaniqua Johnson, sales manager at Deep South Bookstore.

Ms Johnson noted that before pandemic business was better and that the influx of customers hasn’t fully reached its peak yet.

Additionally, a cashier at the John Bull Business Centre said that business has been booming this season. She explained things have been busy as students and educators are entering the store to get the supplies they need.

She continued that the John Bull Business Centre is offering 20 percent off sale on school items until September, assisting in the hefty cost of back-to-school preparation.


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