Plans to rejuvenate Bay Street

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I see rejuvenance of Bay Street, that is the section between the British Colonial hotel and East Street, is again causing interest with “something must be done” although what that may be is not made clear.

Some time ago, I sent a letter which suggested improvements and changes in certain phases which could, to a certain extent at least, help the situation. This was never published, due, I am lead to believe, it was deemed “impracticable”.

While this may be so in its entirety at least the initial step suggested that it would assist if all parking could be eliminated.

After all it seems that most, if not all, vehicles are left there from early morning to late afternoon, presumable by those who work there or near. There are plenty of parking spaces in the area with additional off-street parking and now, of course, there is the multi-storey parking building near The Pointe.

With such elimination the pavements could be extended to allow strolling, easy access to shops with open-air cafes, stalls selling Bahamian paintings, etc. Tourists would find it easier to cross from one side to the other, and so I could go on.

This has been adopted by so many cities around the world. A case in point. In Cannes in the South of France, the home of the worldwide annual film festival, the road to the north of the sea-front boulevard and which is approximately the same width as Bay Street, has one through road from East to West to allow one lane of traffic with no parking or stopping or standing and, therefore, allows room for side-walk cafes.

Also I see from the TV that a road in South Beach, Miami, home to so many visitors, is eliminating traffic to allow only pedestrians.

And, please do not consider introducing meters. When they were allowed at the airport, apart from being unsightly, half were always out-of-order while the rest were totally ignored.



January 25, 2022.


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