Cannabis Addiction

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Contrary to popular belief, people can become addicted to Cannabis, just like any other drug. Continued, frequent and heavy Cannabis use can cause serious physical dependency and addiction. Logically we can see the government’s two-faced approach to the issue of addiction, health and safety in Canada.

Cannabis maybe sold at a corner store near you, so long as it has a licence to do so, but there are many problematic issues that arise using Cannabis...

Heavy use and addiction can lead to a failure to fulfill major duties at home, work, school and any occupational or recreational activity. Addiction can and does take over your life. Ok, I hear you. You only use it once in a while right? Well addiction to anything is dependent upon how prone you are to becoming addicted. It can develop in any age, but youth are especially vulnerable because their brain is still developing. It is estimated that one in three who use cannabis will develop a problem. One in 11 (9%) of cannabis users will become addicted. It rises to about one in six (17%) for those who started smoking as teenagers.

If you smoke daily the risk rises to 25-50% addiction will develop. Let’s look at it another way. Remember I mentioned the government is acting in a two-faced manner? Canada, and all the Provinces have spent over a billion dollars telling young and old to stop smoking. Now they allow use of Cannabis, something that is smoked 78% of the time by users. What the....?

Provincial governments and some cities have become addicted to gambling and now drugs. OLG, Local Casino’s, Cannabis Stores, the LCBO. The list goes on. We are told that youth cannot get involved in these items and venues, and that those who do are adults and can make the appropriate choices to do so. All these various agencies and governments are interested in is Revenue. To get into your pocket books, your debit and bank accounts, rifling through them while saying they are entertaining you, the consumer.

Governmental Capitalism right? They offer assistance, should you be concerned about the possibility of being addicted or out of control, but these agencies still go after you like a predator. Advertising in all media forums, these agencies gather revenue and throw it into the government’s treasury, to be used as they see fit.

Smoking cigarettes is politically incorrect, but smoking what was formally illegal is in big time, as is the growing of these drugs. Legal cannabis growers in Ontario increased in 2020 to 112 outfits, while in British Columbia they rose to 62. P.E.I. has one too. Ontario will have 600-800 store locations selling this product in 2022. Talk about uncontrolled growth, both in retail and growing the product. Holland Marsh in Ontario has dozens of legal Cannabis locations and untold other operations too. Drive through the marsh in spring or summer and be surrounded by the smell of pot. The traditional lands and green houses that grew vegetables, flowers and the like are now filled with Cannabis. These drugs are competing with your supply of fresh food. The very productive land farmers are being used to grow non edible items. Items of questionable social use.

We know alcohol misuse causes the deaths of hundreds in Ontario annually. We also know that mental anguish and addiction within the gambling portfolio is escalating annual also. People are losing their rent money, their life savings. Do we have control over these terrible incidents? Can we stop them from happening?

Those who make money from these venues and operations will say “no way’’. Stuff happens and like wearing a mask during this pandemic all citizens must have the ability to choose. I know Premier Ford would say such a thing, and this surprises me knowing his family history. Can we not agree on one thing, that we all make misguided and often stupid decisions. Placing a temptation before our fellow citizens does not make sense, or does it? Seemingly our law enforcement authorities have given up with regards to dealing with drugs development, logistics and sales. They claim to be out gunned, out numbered and apparently out maneuvered too. Our elected officials are frightened to increase property and sales taxes to reinforce their law enforcement agencies, so legalising addiction bombs seem to them to be the answer.

Well do you know what addiction does to your neighbours? They often waist away craving the next hit, they break the law by stealing often in a violent manner to get the funds that feed their addiction, they ignore all other responsibilities except that need to get high, they sell their bodies to raise funds, they become hermits or active family members with a huge chip on their shoulders, much like the devil on one shoulder, and angel on the other.

Addiction is everywhere, and yet you can be the strong, free healthy individual I am sure you’d like to be. Think before you act, and make the right choices for you and your loved ones.



Ontario, Canada.

January 11, 2022.


hrysippus 2 weeks ago

As so often happens this letter writer mixes truths and his unfounded opinions together as if they are the same, Extrapolating the logic he expresses; sex is addictive, did not Tiger seek help for his confessed sex addiction? Therefore no one should have sex. Sugar addiction kills thousands of people worldwide each year through diabetes and other sugar caused diseases, perhaps we should ban sugar as well as sex? And has anyone heard about Gaming addiction, or addiction to Social Media? As always a little learning can be a dangerous thing.


carltonr61 1 week, 6 days ago

The Canadian government weighed firstly the lives destroyed by prohibition as is The Bahamian Government. Drug cartels became billionaires and turf wars greatly increased the murder rate with innocents at times getting killed in the cross fire. Cannabis use is uncontrolled in its present society economic space. Persons at greatest danger to Marijuana use because of lack of education are all persons below 25 years of age. THC CBD used at different potency ratios can impact the cannibinoid system in the brain inducing a sense of catastrophic calmness and laziness at a time greatest productivity. According to WHO data Marijuana use is endemic at that critical age. According to Canadian data after Legalization there was no notable increase in use. Parents were educated on signs of abuse. Experimentation to addiction is complicated and depends on people, places and affirmation. Decriminalization and Legalization are different. Legalization allows organized government tax revenue and takes the money crime networks. Most adults don't realize addiction until they try to stop and withdrawal symptoms kick in. It is less destructive to the body than alcohol. Also less harmful fatalistic than DSM-5 cocaine or gambling. Those in palliative care close to death and in pain find a safer route through cannabis than opioid. I am certified through the Canadian Public Health Authority. Police resources are freed up 45%. It would be a challenge for Out Island Commissioners and local Government to enforce somethings like safety of taxable product but taxes of sales should be controlled by Central Government. Unregulated sales will be forced below control. Cannabis prescription is difficult and varies by regional water, heat, soil and a persons tolerance. But workable.


carltonr61 1 week, 6 days ago

In The Bahamas Marijuana youth statistical data is unavailable for first time users. Environmental factors however could overshadow multigenerational family in-home influence, which leads to children's choice of negative peer affirmation company outside the home. Demographics of a home may include grandparents, a single mother, children and grandchildren. With plenty love, overwhelming social and peer pressure into negatives. Demographics with more parental hands on stiff control even after Marijuana exposure could produce other results. Today we face an ensurgency of persons hooked on internet addictions with gambling sinful pornography overwhelming social sugar that sweetens many above the dangers of endocannabinoid malfunction and obesity which leads to a troubling life of survival.


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