Davis defends minister over cop assault claim

HOUSING and Transport Minister Jobeth Coleby-Davis.

HOUSING and Transport Minister Jobeth Coleby-Davis.


Tribune Staff Reporter


PRIME Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis yesterday defended Housing and Transport Minister Jobeth Coleby Davis after Killarney MP Dr Hubert Minnis called for an update into investigations concerning allegations made against the Elizabeth MP.

In May, Mrs Coleby- Davis was accused of assaulting a Royal Bahamas Police officer with her vehicle during a Carnival event.

She has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Yesterday, Dr Minnis said: “It is also important for Commissioner Fernander to update the country soon on the investigation of the member for Elizabeth. A serious allegation was levelled against the member by a police officer. The police staff association issued a strong statement on the matter. Bahamians are curious as to the outcome of this investigation. It is important that it be concluded in a proper and timely fashion.”

Works and Utilities Minister Alfred Sears rose on a point of order, calling the remarks “improper”.

“I’m surprised that a member of his tenure would use his parliamentary power to infringe upon the privilege of another member because what this honourable member is seeking to do is making on the floor an allegation of criminal wrongdoing and the honorable member knows better,” he said.

Dr Minnis was asked to withdraw his comments, however he refused to do so, insisting that he was only making an inquiry.

“I’m asking for an inquiry as to how advanced we are with investigations. That is important,” the Killarney MP added.

Rising on a point of order, Mr Davis said: “As far as I’m aware, my inquiries told me that whatever he (Dr Minnis) is now promoting to be an investigation was never an investigation. I understand there was something what I call for my purpose what is the execution of my duties, nothing more than an interior inquiry to determine if there was any truth or otherwise before they move to investigate and that’s where it lies and if he wants to know, he just needs to go to the police to find out … nothing more or less.

“I’ve spoken with the minister and I’m satisfied of her explanation to me and to others. I’m not on social media like others but I was privy to a social media photograph of what’s supposed to be the incident. It appeared to me that a police (officer) was moving another police (officer) and was chastising him from what I saw on the video.”

“The fact that nothing has happened tells me that nothing has happened,” he also said.


birdiestrachan 1 year, 9 months ago

If she did anything to an officer he can get a lawyer and come forward it would make the FNM day besides people take videos off everything they who wish her harm and wanted one second of fame on all over this there is nothing to stop the officer from speaking


Sickened 1 year, 9 months ago

Agreed. If something did happen to the officer then he should press charges. If he doesn't press charges then I am to believe that nothing actually happened.


tribanon 1 year, 9 months ago

That poor police officer's career and any opportunity for his advancement within the RBPF would effectively come to an end if he pressed charges. Same goes for the other police officers who witnessed the incident. But that should not have prevented a full and proper investigation of the matter based on the available video and audio evidence that went viral on the internet.

Boris Johnson had to step down as PM of the UK for partying at Number 10 Downing Street in breach of COVID-19 protocols. Yet here we have a Bahamian cabinet minister who in a fit of rage used her vehicle in an attempt to run over a police officer and she is not even brought in for questioning by the law enforcement authorities. And why hasn't the official opposition been shouting out for a parliamentary hearing into this most outrageous incident?!


ForeverDreamer 1 year, 9 months ago

That is not the simple truth of what happens though.

If she assaulted a police officer, whether by accident or intentional due to not wanting to obey his traffic orders etc., then she still committed the offense.

I think in the article mentioning another officer chastised the alleged officer who is the subject of this assault matter would need to be clarified. If, for instance he was told to leave it alone due to her station, then that's a reinforcement of bad Bahamian practices. However. if he was going to subject the minister to the casual abuse officers apply to everyday citizens and was chastised for almost being caught doing to to someone with authority, it's still a relevant matter for good of the public.

On a personal note, a motorcycle officer recently was travelling without siren or lights in the oncoming lane veering into my lane casually and I alerted the officer with my car horn as I approached a red light as to avoid being in a collision. The officer for some reason was spooked even though it was just a tap not a hold and I thought that was odd. However, 10 seconds later the officer apparently had made a U-Turn and walked his bike to the left drivers side after peeking at my dashboard and he gave a quick good day sir before asking "Why isn't your car licenced?!".

I explained that is in fact licenced, and he said "Orrr, that say 2023 eh?". He then looked about my vehicle and my person as if searching for something he could continue this seeming petty act due to being spooked for veering into my own lane. After a few moments he just continued on and went back in the direction he was originally headed. This isn't really abuse but the nature of how police act in the country is tense and sometimes based on personal issues.


B_I_D___ 1 year, 9 months ago

For sure the officer has been told to back off...probably has his career hanging in the balance if he pushes on with it.


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