New Providence is hit by weekend of heavy rainfall

Flooding in Pinewood


Tribune Staff Reporter


THERE were 6.18 inches of rainfall from Friday to Sunday morning in Nassau - above average activity, Chief Meteorological Officer Patricia Weeks said yesterday.

Heavy rainfall affected the island consequently leading to extreme flooding in some areas.

Ms Weeks pointed yesterday to a combination of factors leading to the rainy weather.

“We had a mid to upper level low system over the area,” she told The Tribune. “That was over the northwest and central Bahamas and that is what triggered the unsettled weather pattern over the island, along with moisture in the atmosphere. That combination assisted all of the weather that we’ve been having. The system is just sitting over the island for the most part not moving very fast.

“We still are getting some remnants of it as the actual low itself is smack between the southeast Florida coast and Grand Bahama area. So, it’s in that area but it’s still affecting mainly the extreme northwest Bahamas, but we’re still getting some showers and isolated thunderstorms across portions of the central islands. So, we expect for that to continue off and on in those areas today through tonight as well with some drying up later on in the week.”

Asked if this rainfall is unusual, she replied: “For the month of July, we usually get rainfall - 6.23 is our monthly total rainfall for... the entire month. So this is above average for that period (just gone) and we haven’t closed the month as yet.”


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