BPL summer

EDITOR, The Tribune.

ALLELUIA! I honestly was worried, but BPL will be able to supply electricity this summer.

Boy, Minister made my day listening to his deafening announcement and support to a very flawed RFP process back in 2018 when the previous Government executed what can only be described as a ‘designer RFP to ensure a certain party got confirmed as the supplier’ and throw open the door to a multi-national proposal for the future generation at BPL.

This RFP was designer as limited to providing 80MW of auxiliary power... no pre-qualification... no financial checks nothing many small local suppliers thought they had a chance and wow the Government was giving them a chance to bid on something legitimate and do some business... oh, sorry guys, this was all fake... fake because firstly BEC/BPL allowed the ‘existing’ provider, Aggreeko, to participate at a considerable financial advantage as his equipment was already in-country and in-place a gross savings in what was suggested to be a legitimate bid and more importantly opened the back door for a multi­-national to propose an alternative generation proposal to BPL which was not in the RFP.

Minister, how else were you going to make up the difference between BPL generation capability, max, and potential use?

Anyway, great the Minister and ‘New Day’ Government have endorsed and presumably now legitimised a seriously flawed RFP of September, 2018.

For the truth as the truth never lies.



June 9, 2022.


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