Restaurant entrepreneur: Growth ‘blows our mind’


Tribune Business Reporter


A New Providence restaurant entrepreneur yesterday said the company’s growth from a home-based business to an actual physical location despite the COVID-19 pandemic “blows our mind”.

Krishan Bowe, owner/operator of Bar None Bey, told Tribune Business that the venture has grown significantly over the past two years as it evolved from a home-based operation to an actual location in western New Providence.

“It’s been two years since we were operating, and one full year in our new location. Sometimes it’s scary how popular it has become. There have been challenges, but it blows our mind,” she said.

A particular challenge with operating during the COVID-19 pandemic involved closing the restaurant for more than a week due to a positive case being reported in her establishment. “Out of an abundance of caution we decided to close the store. Even though we are friendly we want everyone to be comfortable. It may not have been the right thing to do revenue wise, but it was the ethical thing to do,” Ms Bowe said.

With a customer base featuring visitors from the US, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, she added: “When they stumbled into us they ask why hasn’t anybody told them about us before, and that they can’t wait to come back. Our best nights are the weekends and Friday night, in particular, but we take in about $15,000 a week. We wish it was $15,000 a day.”


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