Dancing on the streets

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Oh, back come Goombay Summer and da-junkanoo...well it’s New Day/PLP why wouldn’t they organise an expensive event to keep us natives happy through summer? Why? Didn’t dare call it Carnival - remember that Siorn fiasco? When is Tourism going to understand visitors are not interested in junkanoo... the 2021-2022 season Christmas and New Year’s this year. No parades - hotels full to overflowing!

Yes, ZNS will scour weekends to film visitors and then exaggerate attendance – there will be a few agreed, but balancing so small an amount it is beyond joking. Great! a summer occupation for the natives!

Tourism numbers ... probably only one Minister has been sensible enough to admit our numbers are totally artificial - oh, yes, sounds great seven-million visitors, but in reality we still have I.4-1.6 visitors who stay at hotels, condo/apartment rentals.....those matter... the chunk of the remaining actually never come off the cruise boats and sit on the enormous ships in Nassau harbour... what they say 4.6 cruise, but only 45-49%. Only 2+111 of those visitors hit Bay Street - Minister Vanderpool Wallace told us as it was.

Sports Tourism and spending millions on repair and upgrades? Wasn’t there Junior Track and Field over the weekend – Stadium empty... only Collegiate Basketball works Tourism...forget American Football that’s a loser before you start - IAA Relays also loser. Editor, for events to make sense you must have all hotels full with people intent on partying and playing Thursday through Sunday night. Athletes don’t indulge - go to bed early - don’t gamble. Again, the same old ‘mistruth’.

Leisa Miller loved the painted flag poles... thinking about Independence, the Budget for our 50th anniversary of $5 million has to be a typo.... $15-20-25 million that’s more like it....watch that creep up out of control... watch the State Balls, State Visits - Boy dis going to make me remember that day in 1973 all over again. Wonder if they going to paint the place up - possibly one of the Brits Princes coming. Will Government House be finished? Anyone know how much those renovations have cost? Hear $10 pus million!

Oh, well, no one sure are we required to wear masks - COVID Law has not been changed, but if you watch Ministers, you’d think so - new cases rising, who cares we free at last!

Truly it is all funny, but darn serious!



June 26, 2022.


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