Putin growls

EDITOR, The Tribune.

There are animals which when one of their herd is set upon – attacked by a lion – lion’s open mouth closed upon the throat of its victim – and not one wildebeest – not one zebra – to use two examples – would dare to interrupt or to intervene.

Looking on helplessly, they watch from a distance as one of their own is being strangled by the king of the jungle. Not so with a herd of buffalos.

Situation with Russia in Ukraine at present, and these events from nature, witnessed in Maasai Mara and the Serengeti, come to mind.

Russia, like that lion, daring anyone to challenge – daring anyone to intervene – threatening damnation upon any and every nation.

Herd of buffalos, without a thought of the consequences, shows just how to treat a bully – exposing the coward that that bully is.

With a herd of angry buffalos with horns to the rescue, the king of the jungle is tossed into the air and ripped up like a rag doll.

The lion ends up sheepishly fleeing or injured, limping away or lying as lifeless as the animal it attacked would soon have been had it not been rescued.

I recall as well some crazy baboons intervening on behalf of a gazelle a cheetah was strangling to make a meal of – allowing that gazelle to escape – to run for its life – to continue to live.



February 26, 2022.


GodSpeed 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Putin Growl 🦁 Russia Bad. Russia crazy bully and attack for no reason. Ukraine Good. Ukraine innocent and didn't have it coming. MSNBC, CNN tell me so. 😂


juju 3 months, 4 weeks ago

CNN and MSNBC no good mon… Trouble.


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