Police are doing a good job

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The efficient and effective performance of our Police Force continues to impress.

I am proud to have served in this organisation and to continue that association as a member of the Reserves.

It is regrettable that the men and women of our Police service do not get the praise and commendations they deserve from our media and the high-profile persons in our communities, which would be encouraging and rewarding.

Morale seems to be high and public cooperation continues to improve resulting in numerous arrests and detection.

The media, the Human Rights Groups and some others are very critical of the Police Force.

They tend to blame the police for the present murder rate.

Murder is not a preventable crime. In a recent newspaper article, the writer disclosed, that: “The Bahamas has one of the highest per-capita rates of police involved in the world.”

I suggest to the reporter, that a similar comparison be made of our per-capita murder rate.

The indiscriminate killings and shootings of persons, who are not the target, but just happen to be near the target or in the line of fire are victims.

Human Rights enthusiasts should be making appeals to stop the violence.

We are in a war with terrorists, not criminals, who are threatening the safety and security of all of us and our country.

Their violent conduct threatens our survival. It is important that we support our police service, praise and thank those men and women, whose lives are endangered by gun-toting terrorists.

“We Shoot to Live - Not to kill”.


ACP -Retired


May 3, 2022.


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