Family tree chopped down by the rules

EDITOR, The Tribune.

This will come as a shock to all members of Ancestry DNA, who are involved in building family trees.

This latest hobby of building family trees is fun and addictive, it would have you doing research all hours of day or night. A very important component of tree building is getting a DNA kit from Ancestry Family Search.

The process is very simple, and has immediate results, you will be advised about eighth cousins or any one who has a drop of your DNA. (I was advised of some 99 persons) All of whom were family.

Acquiring the kit is like Jello - quite simple and smooth.

Just order a DNA Kit from Ancestry, which includes a vial with a special solution in which you deposit a quarter teaspoon of saliva, and, return the kit to Ancestry in Utah by postal delivery. They will process your Saliva and in a short period of time they, give you your results, exactly where your Ancestors are from, and relatives.

There is just one catch now.

After finishing the sample, you put it back in the mailing box and drop it off in the mail for forwarding to Ancestry DNA in Utah.

The problem is that our postal department, including Parcel Post, has advised that they are prohibited from accepting DNA packets because the United States has a ban on all DNA packets.

I immediately contacted Ancestry and advised them of the ban, which they claimed that they were unaware of. But asked me to contact UPS, with whom they have a working agreement.

Apparently all couriers, including UPS, knows of this ban and will not accept the package.

So now I am stuck with a completed DNA kit which so far has cost me $251 (including VAT).

Meanwhile, I still do not know why there is a ban, and how long it will last. However, by copy of this letter I am advising Ancestry DNA of this drawback to the Family Tree Programme, and Tribune readers will be wary of purchasing the (very useful) kits.

While tinkering with the courier pigeon aspect with much respect.

(Back in the 60s I was just a GS Good Scout).



May 4, 2022.


truetruebahamian 3 months ago

Perhaps give it to a friend to mail from the U.S..... perhaps!


ohdrap4 3 months ago

Or forget about it.

Once you die some good willing religious volunteer will baptize you by proxy.


DonAnthony 3 months ago

Very simple workaround. Wait until you travel to the U.S. and fill your vial and mail your package there. That’s what I did.


jus2cents 3 months ago

The Bahamas Postal System is the most inept postal 'service' on planet earth!

DNA kits are posted all over the planet, what a bunch of absolute incompetent's. Whoever is Our Postmaster General or Acting as, needs to give back every cent of their paycheck to the Bahamian people.



tribanon 3 months ago

And just think of all that DNA each one of us takes into the U.S. everytime we travel there. Will each of us soon be banned from travel to the U.S.? LOL


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