Jogger victim of sex attack


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A WOMAN who was jogging in Western New Providence was pulled into bushes and sexually assaulted, police have said.

While authorities yesterday did not specifically say when the incident took place, they said it occurred in the early morning hours.

A person of interest was being sought, police said in a press statement yesterday.

Ahead of the release, Superintendent Audley Peters told The Tribune an incident fitting similar particulars happened last week.

“Detectives on the island of New Providence are investigating a sexual assault, which occurred in the western district of New Providence, where a female was jogging during the early morning hours. It was during this time, that she was approached by a lone male who pulled her into bushes and sexually assaulted her,” according to yesterday's release.

This incident follows an alleged rape and assault that took place off Prince Charles Drive in April. The police also released safety tips for women.

“Females are advised to exercise the necessary caution while exercising and to be aware of their surroundings when arriving at home. On arrival at home, a thorough search of the dwelling should be conducted and ensure that all doors and windows are properly secured.”

In February, police released statistics that revealed that there was a seven percent increase in rapes last year, with 48 matters reported in 2021 and 45 the year before. There was a nominal increase in the category of attempted rapes, with six last year and five in 2020, representing an increase of 20.

Unlawful sexual intercourse declined by 23 percent last year with 125 in 2021 compared to the 163 that were reported in 2020.


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The suspect is now in police custody


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