Pintard has a hint of Pindling

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I was watching a news segment on Our News Bahamas regarding Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Michael Pintard on a point of order in Parliament and was thoroughly impressed with his uncanny ability to speak extemporaneously.

Leaders of the two main political organisations are routinely gauged by an informed electorate by their ability to hold their own in front of a microphone.

Pintard is a quick thinker who has the ability to address major national issues in depth without having to rely on notes. This is an area where former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis was often criticised for by the media while in opposition between 2012 - 2017.

In fairness to Minnis, he had markedly improved while in office. With Pintard, however, he has stepped into the FNM leadership position already polished. Indeed, Pintard possesses the oratorical eloquence of Sir Lynden O Pindling, who had no problem outshining the original leaders of the Progressive Liberal Party. And similar to Sir Lynden, Pintard is thoroughly proficient in the Queen’s English. This is a skill set Pintard was able to hone as a poet and speaker, prior to his ascension to the House of Assembly in 2017.

Pintard is the first FNM leader with the oratorical talent to rival Sir Lynden’s, which automatically sets him above former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, in terms of him being a masterful communicator. Don’t get me wrong, Ingraham was talented in his own right as a political speaker. Yet in my opinion, he was never in the same tier with his former political mentor. Pintard is in that tier. Political naysayers will not be able to criticise the FNM leader in this vitally important area with a straight face.



Grand Bahama

May 23, 2022.


sheeprunner12 1 year, 6 months ago

Sweet talk doesn't work with this generation. That came to an end in 1992


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