Corporal punishment

EDITOR, The Tribune.

“Corporal punishment is not abuse”, says Bishop. The Tribune featured a story, “Corporal punishment is not abuse” says Bishop. Where is the Tribune trying to lead us? The newspaper presents some strong statistics, such as 90% of Bahamians identify as being Christians. From a social point of view, it seems we are truly failing as a nation. The present staggering statistics on crime; murders, rape, robbery, assault, theft, corruption, etc. are unacceptable to any sense of decency. We are also faced with continued poor educational outcomes, which does not bode well for those of us looking for new and better leaders for this country. Clearly, we must do much, much better on both the political and religious front than we are doing now. Do the statistics not support this point? Or, how about the bankruptcy of every significant national institution? How is Bahamas Air doing? Or Bank of Bahamas? I heard BPL was scraping the bottom of the barrel. NIB is in a very risky situation. Water & Sewerage is broke.

What is there in The Bahamas that the Bahamian people can have trust in? Certainly it is not the words that come from any politician or any preacher.

Perhaps the mathematically inclined would suggest that a strong correlation exists between biblical beliefs and the discrediting and discounting of reality. To move our country into the future, it would appear that we have to come to grips with what is really going on.

The present sad statistics in The Bahamas seem to suggest that we have embraced the most selfish and childish interpretation of Christianity. We must remember that there are thousands of different interpretations of the bible. And, every pastor in this country is sure that theirs is the right one, all others be damned. Perhaps the road to recovery for our nation is right in front of us. And, I am not sure that prayer is the first, or right, answer.

Until then, most all modern educators and psychologists are suggesting that corporal punishment go the way of the dinosaurs. Where is their pulpit?



November 4, 2022.


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