Axe-wielding killer shot dead by police

POLICE fatally shot a man who killed another man with an axe in the street last night.

The incident took place before 7 o’clock last night in the Mount Royal Avenue area.

Police press liaison officer, Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings told reporters that police were alerted to an argument at Kenilworth Street between two men which resulted in one man being chopped in his upper body.

She said responding officers found the victim lying in the street and saw a man armed with an axe standing over him, “attempting to chop him a second time”.

“Hence he was fatally shot,” CSP Skippings said.

Both victims’ bodies were removed from the scene last night.

She appealed to residents of the country to learn how to resolve conflicts without violence. She urged people to stop and think before acting and advised those in tense situations to reach out to someone for help to resolve issues.

One victim in yesterday’s incident is said to be in his 20s while the other is said to be in his 40s.

CSP Skippings did not know the relationship between the two men, but said it is believed one victim is a resident of the area where the incident took place.

 This comes after two men were fatally shot by police in separate incidents last month.

 On September 26, police said they shot a wanted suspect dead in Gamble Heights after he allegedly pulled a gun on officers.

 Police said they recovered a handgun and ammunition from the deceased.

 A few days before that incident, police said a teen allegedly involved in an armed robbery was fatally shot after pulling a gun on officers.

 According to initial reports, police officers attached to Operation Ceasefire responded to a call about an armed robbery in the area of Robinson Road.

 As officers neared Miami Street off Robinson Road, they spotted the vehicle allegedly involved in the armed robbery. Two men were inside. After attempting to stop the vehicle, the driver sped off toward Washington Street, near Cordeaux Avenue. There, police shot and wounded one of the men after he got out of the vehicle, produced a firearm and “engaged the officers,” said police.

 Shortly after the shooting, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived and confirmed the man, said to be in his late teens, had died.

 Police said they recovered a firearm with ammunition from the body.

 In August, Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander said officers have “the right to do what they have to do” when confronted with armed people who put their lives in danger.

 He added that the police are not “in the business” of letting off “warning shots” in these situations.

 That same month, police said a man was shot and killed when he produced a handgun and engaged the officers. At the time, police said officers from Operation Ceasefire responded to information about people with illegal handguns on a property on Miami Street, between Cordeaux and Balfour Avenues. A man was found on the property and shot by a police officer when he produced a handgun and engaged officers on the scene, police said.

 In April, a man wearing a bulletproof vest was shot by police when they responded to an armed robbery after 1am in the area of Delancey Street.

 In January, a police officer shot and killed a Royal Bahamas Defence Force officer who allegedly “charged” at him and tried to disarm him.

 Last year, 21 police-involved shootings were recorded, of which 13 were fatal.

 CSP Skippings said His Majesty’s coroner is investigating this latest incident.


carltonr61 1 month, 4 weeks ago

That 75% to 80% of homes are led by female only unwed mothers is there a correlation between prison 98% full of fatherless inmates. We need the data on the parental situation regarding alleged killers. The boots in butt screaming in the ear and insults to the dignity and emotions of young fatherless men can never make them wholesome productive citizens within our socially violent living environment. We live in a political paradigm where breakthrough advise from civil society cannot enter government consultation. Parent Adult Child Transactional Analysis research that addresses our cultural uniqueness and demography as explored by the collaborative efforts of UofB professor of Psychology, Roberts addressed many issues of addictions and male hood. There is overwhelming and enormous pressure placed upon the minute 15% to 20% homes with lived in mothers and fathers. Again, data reveals that over 90% of our criminal activity does not take place out of nowhere but under certain social factors that must be listened to instead of ground and pound theocracy one shoe fits all time modes and wholesale individualism vicious pain circles.


Sickened 1 month, 4 weeks ago

UB should be doing tons of studies on our inmates so that we know the family makeup, education level, drug use, alcohol use, child abuse of our inmates and each type of crime committed. There should be no doubt for any Bahamian thinking about having kids as to the chance that child will end up in jail if certain risk factors are present in their life.


John 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Single parents is nothing new to The Bahamas and neither are teen age parents. So what has changed? There are single parents on many Family Islands but not half the crime and deadly violence like New Providence. The key factor is family structures still exist on the Family Islands as well as community structures. Even when a child is the product of absent fathers, uncles or someone in the community steps up and fills the role. Many times cousins are raised in the same home as brothers and sisters and some do not know until l they become adults that the man who raised them as a father was really their uncle. . . Another factor is diet. Many households where a lot of violence is happening do not cook on a regular basis. The main diet is chicken and fries, or burgers. No fresh fruit or vegetables. A psychologist indicated recently on a talk show that persons who follow a diet of mostly meat ( chicken in this instance) tend to develop predator characteristics. They are more prune to violence and has less tolerance. Minnis idea to introduce a lunch program in the schools was an excellent one. Though expensive. Maybe it can be scaled for every student to receive a serving of fresh fruit or milk every day.
. . Then there is the issue of substance abuse, including alcohol and marijuana. Many Bahamian males start using these substances, alcohol and marijuana in their mid teens. A leading psychologist is if the opinion that these substances stunt the growth of the brain. Many young men, he claims have a undeveloped brain that is made even worse with an improper diet. This is evidence even more when heavy drug users and persons in their mid 20’s look years older than their counterparts who do not drink or smoke. When someone is murdered or killed and the police has to be called for murder it is much too late.


sheeprunner12 1 month, 4 weeks ago

So, how can comment on this?

This is murder by the State ......


John 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Is it? Didn’t the police intervene on another murder taking place? And didn’t they attempt to prevent the perpetrator from inflicting another fatal blow with an axe?


Bonefishpete 1 month, 4 weeks ago

"Murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification" Wiki Axe in hand is probably justifiable.


hrysippus 1 month, 3 weeks ago

If women had complete control over their reproductive lives, then just possibly there would be no unwanted babies born into homes where they not properly nurtured and raised with love and caring. Right politicians and churchmen create and define how much control a woman has over her body. These people who decide are mostly men just like in Iran where women and girls are forced to wear a burka. Sigh.


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