Beach Access in Cable Beach

EDITOR, The Tribune

My sister and her husband are currently visiting from England. She is partly disabled and is unable to walk long distances. Since due to the pandemic they have been unable to visit for some years I thought it would be nice to drive them to a local beach.

Our first choice was to the public beach west of Sandals. It was here that I first met my wife 35 years ago. However, there was absolutely nowhere to park anywhere near that beach, every car parking space being taken by Sandals employees.

We, therefore, drove to Goodman's Bay, only to be confronted by a similar scenario, this time due to cars presumably parked by workers at the Wynn development to the east of Goodman's Bay (there were only a couple of people on the beach or at Goodman's Bay). Again, we were prevented from parking anywhere near this public beach.

Why is the Government allowing these scandalous situations to persist? How dare these developers prevent Bahamians from using the public beaches in this area? Can the Minister of Tourism and/or the Minister of Works please address these vexing issues which directly affect Bahamians wishing to enjoy our beautiful beaches?


October 2, 2022.


JohnBrown1834 1 year, 2 months ago

First, we need to map out what is public and what is private. Then, we need to map out the access points. Then we need to identify and create adequate parking. This needs to be done on every island in the country.


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