Student speech competition to focus on crime prevention


STRONGER Neighbourhoods Bahamas Foundation (SNB) will be partnering with the Royal Bahamas Police Force for an upcoming student speech competition focused on crime prevention.

SNB president Giovanni Ferguson and his team of SNB Foundation executives met with Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander and other police officials on Thursday to discuss issues related to crime prevention, community support, and support for non-governmental entities and community efforts.

With the country’s murder climbing, as well as what police called a “startling” rise in reported cases of rape this year, Mr Ferguson said the need for discussion about crime prevention is more important than ever.

“SNB will be working with RBPF on an upcoming speech competition on crime prevention,” said Mr Ferguson.

The YouthSpeak Speech Competition will be held at 5.30pm on Wednesday, September 21, at the Paul Farquharson Conference Centre at Police Headquarters on East Street.

The speech competition will be held in honour of 13-year-old Quinton Danny McKenzie, a student of L W Young, who died in hospital after being shot at a park in the Kemp Road area in June.

Mr Ferguson said, “This competition will engage school students from grades seven through 12 who will give their views and ideas on crime prevention.”

SNB Foundation is a Bahamian non-profit that seeks to build and sustain strong communities through empowerment, the creation of social opportunities and other efforts through partnership.

The speech competition is one of four initiatives SNB Foundation has planned, in conjunction with the RBPF. This partnership also aims to develop a centralised plan for non-governmental and charitable entities, increase community assistance in giving known information that can assist with investigations and developing a database system for community initiatives such as food drives for management and monitoring.


carltonr61 3 months ago

Curious. The Bahamas Government National Youth Report 1992 contained hard data that Wes painstakingly extrapolated. One conclusion drawn was that AIDS high rate among men was due to female promiscuity and not that men were bisexuality. The social composition that face our youths then was encouraged by then Minister of Education C.A Smith to transform the results into indigenous Bahamian literature. I wrote a short story, 'The Threat', taking in the prevailing pressures of AIDS, Marijuana use, educational aspirations school girl 'Lela', street people 'Go For', Police 'Scarface', - criminal 'Lay Low', - dishonest, survivalist 'Mom', - lil son gangster drug dealer, 'Brad', who ran the house, - Lela's potential lover rich, handsome drug dealer gun criminal, wanted for shooting Police, but invited into the home after blackmailing Mom. I was allowed to read the story at C. R. Walker grade 10 one morning. The teacher was shocked at what the students were exposed to. One student had to shut up after revealing where his brother hid the gun. In the end Ministry Of Education said the story was useless because it contained violence and kids are not allowed to be exposed to violence. Even though I write from government's official data. Writing compositions is so idiotic and shows a total search by the well paid blind leading the syudent blind into the ditch.


carltonr61 3 months ago

The compositions will never be read but thrown away. Conclusions will ring out that students are afraid of violence. And what else is new? Gat to be some dead empty heads leading this charade looking to say they did something. All the shams are being revealed.


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