A boost for Sports in Paradise

THE WINNERS of the 2022 Steve & Marjorie Harvey Invitational Charity Golf Tournament at the Atlantis - the Georgia Power team - receive their awards.

THE WINNERS of the 2022 Steve & Marjorie Harvey Invitational Charity Golf Tournament at the Atlantis - the Georgia Power team - receive their awards.

THE Sports in Paradise brand got a major boost this past weekend when the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation presented at The Bahamas Invitational Charity Golf Tournament at the Atlantis Ocean Club Golf Course on Paradise Island.

Thousands of dollars were given away to several local charities that were on hand to receive their gift from the Foundation. It was a fun-filled event and packed to capacity as hundreds witnessed Steve Harvey thank so many people for making the event a success and supported the tournament.

Sports in Paradise was the recepient of all of the publicity by the hundreds of tourists that flocked to The Bahamas to participate in this event. Steve also used his platform to highlight Bahamian professionals and the talent that exists here in the islands.

He pointed out that we have golf professionals and others who are more than qualified to lead and head the quest to build The Bahamas through their expertise.

He further pointed out that they should be used for more than just maids and store assistants and medial jobs. He said that we have top professionals and that we need to start using them in more key positions.

“I had a meeting with the Prime Minister (Philip Davis), he’s a wonderful man and he has a heart for this country”, said Steve. “I also told him that he must use the professionals that you have here in golf and put them in more meaningful positions. I might not get invited back for speaking out, but hey I said.”

The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation which is run by CEO and managing director Stormy Paige, made an indelible impression with the thousands of dollars given out to the many charities.

The Sister Sister Foundation, represented by Andrea Sweeting, was given $5,000, Walter and Minalee Hanchell were given $10,000 for their feeding network, while the Ranfurly Home was given $10,000 and the local BGF Junior Programme was given $15,000 at first and another $15,000 for scholarships for golf.

The tournament was a huge success and was won by the Georgia Power team with 53 points and which comprised of Michael Anderson, Charles Wood and Greg Wyon and Royce Jones. Coming in second was the Coca-Cola 1 team with a total of 57 points. The team was made up of the legendary Jim Thorpe, Jansel Hester, Joe Gentry and Percy Williams. Coming in third was the Coca-Cola 2 team with 58 points. Making up that team was Marvin Jones, Micvhael Young, Derrick Douglas and Dwayne Irvin.

Two young Bahamian golfers were the recepients of two Invictus watches donated by Senator Roni Dumcombe, but was decided upon to be the recipient by Steve Harvey after witnessing them play.

For one, Elisha Delancey won because Steve felt he hit ball the hardest. The other was for the golfer with the ball closest to the pin. The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation Invitational Charity Golf Tournament was sponsored by the Atlantis, Chick-fil-a, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Puma, Nike, Georgia Power, Bahamasair, Indoggo, Courvoisier, Odyssey Aviation and many more.

Also on hand to witness the event was Mrs Ann Marie Davis, wife of the Prime Minister, Mario Bowleg, Minister of Youth, Sports & Culture and Senator Roni Duncombe.


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