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JASMINE Taylor has made a career out of bringing beauty into people’s lives, both as a professional make-up artist, facial aesthetician and as the owner of the Snatched Beauty Studio.

But she is also passionate about bringing out the inner beauty of her clients by helping them celebrate their full potential and purpose.

“As a young artist, I am undoubtedly passionate about make-up, artists, beauty, education and entrepreneurship. My purpose in business is to uplift, empower and share the knowledge that I’ve acquired during my career and to encourage young people to live intentional and purposeful lives,” she told Tribune Woman.

She also wants to inspire others to never give up and follow their dreams, even when life throws unexpected curve balls.

Jasmine knows first-hand about adapting to unforeseen circumstances.

She originally entered the beauty industry just to have something to do and earn a bit of money until a “proper” full-time job came along.

“So I rented a booth at a salon back in 2015 and then I got a job at MAC and realised that I really loved what I was doing and wanted to do it full-time on my own,” she said.

In 2020, she took a leap of faith and left MAC to focus on her own business, Snatched Beauty Studio, right in time for the global COVID-19 pandemic, as luck up have it.

“I had to decide that I wouldn’t let it deter me and I just held on and kept the faith,” she said.

She managed to ride out 2020 and things began to improve in 2021.

Jasmine said that many people reached out to her asking for make-up lessons and tutorials. While it was something she knew that she wanted to do, she still felt a bit hesitant about it.

“I really wanted to help give people the skills they need to realise their entrepreneurial skills. But I was nervous and talked myself out of it for a while. But then finally I realised that life is short and I didn’t want something to happen where I couldn’t follow this dream and so I planned my boot camp,” she said.

“I hosted Snatched Beauty Studio’s first Beauty Camp – a four-week programme that was created to equip upcoming and existing beauty professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the beauty industry.”

The programme, she explained, included both theory and practical lessons. It included topics such as creating a business plan, customer service qualities and professional makeup application techniques.

Jasmine had 12 students for the initial camp.

“I am so proud of the participants of this programme. Not only proud, but also inspired by the determination and hard work that each of the participants showed during it,” she said.

In addition to having to create their own professional make-up look, participants heard from guest speakers Adjuah Cleare, a beauty professional with over 12 years’ experience, and Philpa Newbold, regional manager of MAC Cosmetics the Bahamas during the final class of the programme.

“The vision for Beauty Camp required countless hours of planning, deliberation and groundwork. Without a doubt, the execution for this programme was an extremely rewarding yet laborious experience. This experience has catapulted personal and professional growth within me that I cannot even fathom,” said Jasmine.

“Ultimately, the goal was to provide a rich and fulfilling program that would be a key component to the overall betterment of everyone involved.”

Jasmine said she is already planning a winter edition of Beauty Camp.


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