Pintard to stay

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Please permit me a space to say a few short words in response to the Mackey Street Man (letter published in The Tribune).

You are dead wrong Mackey Street Man. Michael C Pintard will indeed lead the FNM into the next general election. He has what it takes and FNMS do want to follow him and are doing so enthusiastically. You know what our biggest problem is? Persons like you who won’t stand behind our new leader because you are too busy trying to live in the past. You asked who will replace Pintard - no one will - and for sure it won’t be Dr Minnis.

We don’t want Dr Minnis back as leader. FNMs couldn’t even bring themselves to come out and vote for our party because we all wanted to see the back of him. It took everything in me to vote for my own party last election because a vote for my own party was a vote for him.

Today, FNMs have to sit down and suffer unprecedented victimisation as the PLP, who came to office eight months early, picked all the low hanging fruit that Minnis let grow, but wouldn’t even pick for us. This week we all have to watch the PLP PR parade brag on their first year in office when all they did was work our projects on our time.

Pintard has what it takes and he is about his business, fixing up the institution that, in my opinion, Minnis highjacked and gutted. He is the one that is, to use your words, “charismatic, intelligent, experienced and ready on day one to lead our country”.

Mackey Street Man – Hit the Road Jack and don’t you come back no more no more no more no more!




September 12, 2022.


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