Tribune headline

EDITOR, The Tribune.

While your story appearing in the business section of Thursday the 15th September, 2022 regarding a recent action involving two erstwhile clients of mine was somewhat balanced in its content, the chosen headline (“Ex-Minister’s son Denies Land Fraud”) tends to suggest that I was either a party or defendant to the action in question.

In fact, I was neither a defendant to that action nor the subject of any finding of fraud. I was merely the counsel in the original quieting action that was subject to the revocation. As such, it is neither surprising nor unusual that counsel for the Plaintiffs would make lurid and unfounded allegations against me in their Statement of Claim, portions of which you printed in your article. It is important to distinguish these from the findings of the court.

It is also not immediately clear just how my late father managed to earn a mention in the article, nor, for that matter, the fact that I am deemed by you to be a “prolific letter writer” on issues quite distinct from the matter at hand.

What is clear is that well-wishers who saw the headline came away with the impression that I had become the subject of proceedings for conduct most uncharacteristic. One can only imagine what impression ill-wishers came away with.

While it is understandable that certain names and associations attract attention and sell newspapers, it is important to avoid conveying misleading impressions in the heading of stories.



September 15, 2022.


themessenger 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Methinks sir, thou doth protest too much!


sheeprunner12 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Quieting of land has to stop. This proves why


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