Devil finds work for idle hands

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Murders and gang related crime, including violence in the schools are plaguing the country, and getting worse by the minute.

Many persons, including men of the cloth (churchmen), and, men of the mouth (politicians) are supposedly grappling with this phenomenon.

The answer has been, and is, right in front of us, those who have the inclination, and heart, to see beyond today.

That caption was the mantra that drove some citizens (not politicians) to form Sporting Clubs in order to harness this enormous energy of the youth of the country.

Every area of New Providence had their clubs that catered to the youth, and most importantly mentors.

Personally, I was never a part of any of those legendary clubs, Saint Georges, Saint Albans, Winnie Ann, to name a few. But I grew up in an area that God knows we needed help. (Five Pound Lot, And The Pond).

However, with the slow death of these clubs in the early sixties, another group of concerned citizens saw this obvious need, and revived softball, and taught junior league baseball. Some members of that sacred group, were Penny Bain, Box Fountain,Vogel Williams, Mario Ford, and Bernie Quest. These guys did a tremendous service to the Bahamas by keeping Bahamian youth occupied by expending mental and physical energies.

There was a time when our parks and playgrounds were full of activities by our young and not so young. Leagues were in full court press, even Bowling, and card playing (Whist).

Today all of these activities have ceased, Why? Check the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre, centrally located within walking distance, was always teeming with activity. Now the Little League and Pony League parks are parking lots. The Baseball and Softball Stadiums, are gone, and Clifford Park, is a no play area.

Who in their right mind would cause all of this calamity?

Only a devil who wishes to have many idle hands. For what it’s worth.



September 19, 2022.


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