11 Cuban migrants apprehended on Bimini


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Eleven Cuban migrants were apprehended on Bimini on early Friday morning, police reported.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Stephen Rolle reported that shortly before 5am, security officers contacted officers of Alice Town Police Station to say suspected illegal immigrants were walking near a business establishment.

When officers arrived at the location, they saw nine men and two women completely soaked and dehydrated.

ASP Rolle said the group of individuals – who were identified later as Cuban nationals – could not show proof of legal status.

He said as a result they were all arrested and handed over to the Bahamas Department of Immigration for processing and deportation.

• In Abaco, a woman was arrested for allegedly breaching the Liquor License Act.

Shortly before 1pm on Friday, a team of officers from the Marsh Harbour Police, acting on information, executed a search warrant at a yellow apartment complex in Murphy Town.

Officers searched the interior of the residence and discovered a large quantity of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products for sale.

The homeowner could not produce a business license and as a result the woman was arrested and taken into police custody.

Investigations are continuing in the matter.


tribanon 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Why didn't we just let them travel on to the U.S.?

No doubt U.S. authorities tipped off Bahamian authorities about the impending departure of these Cubans for Florida. Now we're stuck with the cost of taking care of them pending their repatriation to Cuba.


BMW 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Why cant the police deal witht this vexing issue on this very small island?


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