CARIFTA GAMES: Day two – as it happened

10.47pm: GOLD AND BRONZE FOR BAHAMAS: Brenden Vanderpool successfully defended his title from Jamaica last year by winning the u20 boys pole vault with a clearance of 5.06m. The Bahamas also got a bronze from Tyler Cash with 4.45m. Jeremiah Felix of St Lucia got the silver with 4.60m.

9.07pm: GOLD FOR BAHAMAS! A good strategy leaves The Bahamas with a strong anchor leg to chase down the lead of Grenada and win gold in a time of 3:24.62. Grenada holds on for silver in 3:27.22 and Guyana third in 3:27.96.

1st leg Javonya Valcourt

2nd leg LeCarthea Cooper

3rd leg Tumani Skinner

4th Shimar Bain


THE GOLDEN TEAM: Trent Ford, Andrew Brown, Ishmael Rolle, and Cayden Smith, who brought home gold for The Bahamas in the U17 men's 100m relay. #CARIFTA50 📸: Austin Fernander


Ishmael Rolle brings home gold for Team Bahamas in under 17 boys 4x100m relays. 📸: Austin Fernander


Amari Pratt finishing first in the under 20 prelims third heat today. 📸: Moise Amisial

8.23pm: The final track event of the night coming up - the mixed relays, with teams made up of men and women to challenge for medals.


Akaya Lightbourne, who won bronze in the 3,000m race. 📸: Moise Amisial


Lavardo Deveaux

Lavardo Deveaux, silver medalist in the men’s octathlon, pictured flying the flag for the nation in celebration, left.

📸: Moise Amisial

8.23pm: SILVER FOR BAHAMAS! But it was so nearly more - with The Bahamas leading coming into the last leg only for Jamaica to haul them in down the final straight. 39.78 for Bahamas, with Jamaica top in 39.68. Trinidad & Tobago third in 40.83.

8.23pm: U20 men's 100m relay is recalled after The Bahamas runner fails to get out of the blocks - but they will go again.

7.44pm: BRONZE FOR BAHAMAS The U20 women's 100m relay team comes in third in a time of 45.55 behind Jamaica in first in 44.01 and Trinidad & Tobago in 45.35.

That bronze medal team in the U20 women's 100m relay:

1st leg Amari Pratt

2nd leg Melvinique Gibson

3rd leg Quincy Penn

4th leg Shatalya Dorsette


JUMPING FOR JOY - The 100m women's U17 relay team


Joy for the 100m U17 women's team


The U17 women's 100m relay team

7.44pm: The winning time for The Bahamas was 41.46. Jamaica, despite a poor handover on one leg, finished second in 41.63 but couldn't chase down The Bahamas at the end. Grenada finish third in 41.95.

The Bahamas team:

1st Trent Ford

2nd leg Andrew Brown

3rd leg Cayden Smith

4th Ishamel Rolle

7.41pm: GOLD FOR BAHAMAS! The under-17 men's team bring it home in the 100m ahead of Jamaica.

7.36pm: BRONZE FOR BAHAMAS! Third place in the 100m relay for the U17 women - behind Jamaica in first and Trinidad & Tobago in second. #CARIFTA50

The times on those 100m runs - Jamaica finished first in 45.36, with Trinidad and Tobago second in 46.18. The Bahamas' time of 46.43 secured third spot.

That bronze medal team for The Bahamas was as follows:

1st leg Darvinique Dean

2nd leg Jamiah Nabbie

3rd leg Bayli Major

4th Shayann Demeritte

7.13pm: Sprint relays up next - both U17s men and women as the night draws to a close. #CARIFTA50


Akaya Lightbourne

6.57pm: Akaya Lightbourne is pictured posing with the flag of The Bahamas after she won bronze in the 3000 metres. The Grand Bahamas native took third place in a strong run, staying with the leaders as they broke away in the closing laps.

6.46pm: BRONZE MEDAL FOR BAHAMAS: Akaya Lightbourne finishes third in the women's 3000 metres in 10:47.01. Jamaica's Kaydeen Johnson first by a distance in 10:41.11, and Attoya Harvey second in 10:45.74. #CARIFTA50

6.37pm: SILVER FOR BAHAMAS: Lavar Deveaux leaving the track in a wheelchair after finishing fifth in 4:59.79 in the 800, final event of the octathlon - but he did enough to win silver.

6.21pm: The women's heptathlon closes out with the last 800m run, with Kaelie Sanogo finishing first ahead of Sherika Christie and Clementine Carias. The Bahamas' Essence Sands in sixth.

6.17pm: BRONZE MEDAL FOR BAHAMAS! Reuben Bain got bronze in under-17 boys shot put with a heave of 45-2 12 or 13.78m. Ronaldo Anderson of Jamaica won the gold with 50-11 (15.52m). Denzel Phillips of St Lucia got the silver with 49-9 14 (15.17m).

6.11pm: Second place in the 800m heptathlon women's event for The Bahamas' Kaily Pratt in a time of 2:48.78, behind Aliyah Gidharry of Grenada in first with 2:33.90. Only three of the five runners finished. #CARIFTA50

5.53pm: Over in the U20 women's 200m heats, it was a good day for Amari Pratt, who finished first in her heat to qualify. #CARIFTA50

5.51pm: A good strong run from Adam Musgrove there to finish 2nd in the U20 200m semi-final. Beaten by Jamaica but both runners looking strong.

5.37pm: LaCarthea Cooper of The Bahamas was disqualified from her 200m U-20 Girls semi final for a false start.

5.29pm: Another semi final win for The Bahamas as Cayden Smith wins his 200m U-17 Boys heat.

5.25pm: The Bahamas' Jamiah Nabbie won her semi final in the 200m U-17 Girls – thrilling the home crowd. And Andrew Brown of The Bahamas won his semi final in the 200m U-17 Boys.

4.55pm: BRONZE MEDAL FOR THE BAHAMAS: Shimar Bain has won the bronze medal in the 400m Hurdles U-20 Boys Final. He finished with 52.48 behind Jamaica's Roshawn Clarke, who took gold with 49.92, and Antonio Forbes (JAM) with 51.72. Clinton Laquerre of The Bahamas also made the final but did not finish.

4.43pm: Quinton Rolle and Zion Davis of The Bahamas both made it to the 400m Hurdles U-17 Boys Final – but they had to settle for fourth and fifth place respectively. Rolle (55.44) and Davis (58.68) finished behind St Kitts and Nevis' Akanye Samuel-Francis who took gold with 54.14, Deandre Gayle (JAM) with 55.10 and Demarco Bennett (JAM) with 55.27.

4.34pm: Michelle Smith of the US Virgin Islands has won gold in the 400m Hurdles U-20 Girls Final. She finished with 57.69 ahead of Tonyan Beckford (JAM) with 58.94 and Alliah Baker (JAM) with 59.55.

4.25pm: SILVER MEDAL FOR THE BAHAMAS: Darvinique Dean of The Bahamas has won the silver in the 400m Hurdles U-17 Girls Final. She finished with 1:02.50 behind Jody-Ann Daley (JAM) and ahead of Rhianna Lewis (JAM) with 1:02.61. Bayli Major of The Bahamas was fourth with 1:02.92.

4.08pm: Great stuff from The Bahamas in the Boys 4x100m Relay (Under-20) Semi-final 2. They finish in first place with the fastest qualifying time of 40.46. Cayman Islands were second with 41.00 and Barbados were third with 41.34.

4.03pm: Men's 4x100m Relay U-20 – Semi-final 1: Jamaica finished first with 41.37, Trinidad and Tobago were second with 41.63 and Guadelupe were third with 42.04.

3.54pm: An impressive showing from The Bahamas as they win their Boys 4 x 100m Relay U-17 semi final heat with a time of 42.44 – the second fastest qualifying time going into tonight's final. Antigua and Barbuda were second with 43.07 and Trinidad and Tobago were third with a time of 43.34. Due to there not being enough entries, the Girls U20 Relay team have gone straight to the final.

3.42pm: Men's 4x100m Relay U-17 – Semi-final 1: Jamaica finished first with 41.73, Grenada second with 42.76 and British Virgin Islands third with 43.06.


Mateo Smith in the Men’s Long Jump U20. Photo: Austin Fernander

3.40pm: BRONZE MEDAL FOR THE BAHAMAS: Mateo Smith won the bronze medal for The Bahamas in the Under-20 boys long jump with a leap of 7.44m. Gold went to Andrew Stone of the  Cayman Islands with 7.54m. Demario Price of Jamaica won silver with 7.44m.


CALEA JACKSON of The Bahamas competes in the Girls U20 shot put final. She finished 8th with 11.63m.


Annae Mackey of the Bahamas in the Girls U20 shot put final. She finished in fourth place with 13.25m.


Mateo Smith in the Men’s Long Jump U20. Photo: Austin Fernander

12.45pm: With the morning session now complete, action will resume with the 4x100m Relay U-17 Girls Semi-Finals at 3.00pm


Vanessa Sawyer in action on Sunday. Photo: Austin Fernander

12.25pm: BRONZE MEDAL FOR THE BAHAMAS: Vanessa Sawyer has won the bronze for The Bahamas in the Javelin U-20 Girls. Her mark of 43.37m took third place. Anisha Gibbons (GUY) won gold with 47.96m and Korann Colet (FGU) took silver with 45.32

12.18pm: Heat 5 of the 200m U-20 Boys sees Ezekiel Newton of Guyana finish first with 21.65, Elisha Williams (GRN) take second with 21.72 and Bernard Hyde (TKS) finish third with 22.86.

12.13pm: Fantastic run by The Bahamas' Adam Musgove in Heat 4 – he finishes first with 21.48. Keo Davis (VIN) was second with 21.66 and Amani Mascoll-Beckles (BAR) was third with 21.67.

12.08pm: The Bahamas' Zachary Evans finishes fourth with 22.44 in Heat 3 after a strong start – but he could possibly have picked up an injury. Jamaica's Malique Smith-Band was first in 21.39. Rickyle Telemaque (GRN) was second with 21.91 and Ajani Daley (ANT) third with 22.06.

12.05pm: Heat 2 – Javourne Dunkley of Jamaica finished first with 21.26. Tucker Denver (BER) was second with 22.05 and Aragorn Straker (BAR) was third with 22.06

12.02pm: Heat 1 – Omar James of Guyana was first with 21.66, Joshua Mascall (TTO) was second with 21.70 and Allan Lacroix (GLP) third with 21.92.

11.55am: The 200m U-20 Boys Heats are about to begin . . .

11.28am: Team Bahamas is well on its way to a five-straight victory going into the fourth day of competition in the CARIFTA Swim Championships in Curacao – full story HERE. Photos: Melinda Moss

11.10am: In Heat 5 of the 200m U-17 Girls, Natrece East of Jamaica is first with 24.16, Tianna Springer (GUY) is second with 24.27 and Sofia Swindell (ISV) is third with 24.75.

11.08am: In Heat 4, Thyra Charles of St Vincent and the Grenadines is first with 25.14m, Ostanie Sariah Doresca (HAI) is second with 24.95 and Kaziah Peters (TTO) third with 24.98.

11.05am: Heat three of the 200m U-17 Girls sees Shanoya Douglas finish first, Aniya Nurse (BAR) is second and Breanne Sydney Barnett (HAI) is third.

11.02am: Jamiah Nabbie of The Bahamas has a fantastic run in the second heat of the 200m U-17 Girls – finishing first with 24.28 – a personal best. Alexxe Henry (TTO) is second with 24.43 and Elise Dickinson (BER) is third with 24.44

11am: The Bahamas' Shayann Demeritte finished fourth in the 200m U-17 Girls – heat one, with 25.24. St Lucia's Naomi London was first with 24.41, Barbados' Kadia Rock was second with 25.03 and Myrlia Matoute of French Guiana was third with 25.10.

10.54am: In the 200m U-17 Girls Heats – heat one – The Bahamas' Shayann Demeritte will run in lane four.

10.48am: The second heat of the 800m U-20 Boys Semi-Finals has just finished with Sancho Smith of Bermuda first with 1.56:20, Trinidad and Tobago's Nathan Cumberbatch second with 1:56.38 and Favian Gollop of Barbados third with 1:56.40.

10.44am: In the 800m U-20 Boys Semi-Finals first heat, Stefan Camejo of Trinidad and Tobago was ahead of the pack with 1:53.64. Grenada's Joshim Sylvester was second with 1:58.10 and Saint Kitts and Nevis' Alexander Caines was third with 1:58.50.

10.00am: The Shot Put U-20 Girls Final and Javelin Throw U-20 Girls Final are underway.

9.55: The second heat results from the 400m Hurdles U-17 Girls Semi-Finals: Michelle Smith of US Virgin Islands finished well ahead in 58.93 with Jamaica's Alliah Baker second with 1:02.29 and Keneisha Shelbourne of Trinidad and Tobago third with 1:02.86.

9.44am: The results from the 400m Hurdles U-17 Girls Semi-Finals first heat – Jamaica's Tonyan Beckford finished first, Natasha Fox of Trinidad and Tobago was second and Gloria Guerrier of Haiti third.

9.30am: The Javevlin U-20 Girls Final is currently underway, and next up is the 400m Hurdles U-17 Girls Semi-Finals.

9.10am: First up is the 110m Hurdles Octathlon Boys – event 5. Lavardo Deveaux of The Bahamas finished second to Omari Bennett of the Virgin Islands. Mychael Claxton of the British Virgin Islands was third and Reanno Todd of The Bahamas was fourth.


Pictured are some of yesterday’s medalists: Left to right: Ishmael Rolle, Jamiah Nabbie, Carlos Brown Jr, Adam Musgrove and Andrew Brown.

9.00am: Day two of the CARIFTA Games is here – and we'll be bringing you live coverage of the day's events. The Bahamas currently sits second in the Medal Standings after day one with two gold, four silver and five bronze.


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