End corporal punishment now!

EDITOR, The Tribune.

It is unfathomable that in the 21st century, teachers and parents are beating our children to a pulp. ALL teachers and parents who resort to beating lack communication skills.

Before I delve too deeply into this unaccepted behaviour, I suggest all teachers have a psychological evaluation before hiring. We must know what kind of person is disseminating information to our impressionable children at such a critical part of their lives. The seriousness is that this is when the child can be positive or negative, depending on who feeds the information.

I am sure those who conveniently use the Bible would devise an excellent quote to justify their actions.

Many of us were beaten religiously by our ignorant frustrated, insensitive parents who lacked communication skills and expressed themselves by torturing their children.

But deeply embedded in our psyche is the practice of leaving us black and blue passed down from our enslavers.

Unfortunately, since our masters did not teach us the powerful effects of communication, we used brutal practices to get the message across.

Therefore we take advantage of our innocent children at home. Consequently, it is an accepted norm.

They go to school and fight, then fight in the neighbourhood.

These same children grow up and wreak havoc on society because we taught them how to inflict pain on anyone when we could not communicate effectively.

I am a billion percent positive that there is a direct correlation between the beatings children receive from parents or teachers that contribute to domestic violence and crime like rape and physical bodily harm.

Teachers come to school with their frustration from home, then vent by taking it out on our children’s backsides.

No - hell to the no, there must be no more causing grievous harm to our children at the hands of teachers who should have been teaching them communication skills. Parents would be in their right to get upset when they discover teachers injured their children.

We entrust our children with what we think are civilized teachers in a safe place.

So enough of these barbaric practices invented by our enslavers designed to bring us under submission and brainwash us into being submissive.

The practice of corporal punishment weakens the child and kills their spirit. No amount of slick talk can convince anyone that corporal punishment positively affects our defenseless children.

The beating dampens the spirit, decreases enthusiasm, and causes physical, mental, emotional, and psychological pain and anger.

Abused people want to beat people.

Teachers need more conflict resolution skills.

Not because our enslaver beat our forefathers who abused our grandparents, beat our parents, and our parents beat us, we should continue with this sick, primitive slaughtering of our race.

We have suffered enough from this ignorance.

Finally and without reservation, teachers who abuse their authority and beat any child should be hauled before the court and charged with physical abuse, just as the law allows.

We can’t condone teachers beating children and then arresting an adult for doing the same, which isn’t very good and counterproductive.

The Buddha said, “If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another”.

End the practice of corporal punishment now — no more long talk.


Your Conscience


April 7, 2023.


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