Responsibility allowance up by 58 percent

State Minister for Public Services Pia Glover-Rolle.

State Minister for Public Services Pia Glover-Rolle.


Tribune Staff Reporter


SENIOR public servants have collectively received a 58 per cent increase in responsibility allowance.

The officials previously received an allowance totalling $378,500, but as of November 2022, they now receive a total of $597k.

State Minister for Public Services Pia Glover-Rolle tabled a document in the House of Assembly yesterday showing the increase in response to questions from Opposition Leader Michael Pintard.

Mr Pintard told The Tribune he asked the question because people have expressed concern to him about the number of people rehired, engaged on large contracts and rumoured to have received a significant increase in various allowances, including the responsibility allowance.

Mrs Glover-Rolle said responsibility allowances are paid to officers “that are required to undertake duties that require a greater degree of skill or responsibility associated with the post.”

“So, for instance, an officer who is appointed to act in a post higher than their substantive is entitled to receive a responsibility allowance while acting,” she said.

 She told The Tribune Financial Secretary Simon Wilson and the Ministry of Finance amended the allowances “as it is a financial matter.”

According to the document, the secretary to the Cabinet receives a $24k responsibility allowance per year, up from $18,000. The financial secretary receives a $22k allowance, up from $16k. The auditor general, police commissioner and defense force commodore all receive a $20k allowance, up from $14k.

According to the document, 73 government officials receive the allowance. The lowest amount given to any official is $5000, an amount 26 people receive.

Cabinet approved the increased allowances on November 22, 2022.

Mr Pintard said yesterday: “Historically the public service has been facing the challenge of not having sufficient resources which is needed in order for these Departments and Corporations to provide the range of programmes and services needed by the public. The resources are scarce in large measure because the overwhelming majority of government (agencies) budget (85% plus) is consumed by salaries and personal emoluments.

 “While we remain committed to the employment of our citizens, the government has to function increasingly as a facilitator of economic development and creation of private sector opportunities that would absorb Bahamians who are looking for employment rather than creating bigger and less efficient and productive Government.”


Sickened 1 year ago

So you get a salary based on your position and job description but you also get a responsibility allowance on top of that, even though you were hired and paid to do exactly that job? Are we just making up shitte now in order rape the consolidated fund?


moncurcool 1 year ago

Agree with you. This just plain garbage.

Not to talk about all the other persons they just paying to do nothing.

And then these idiots have the heart to talk about raising NIB after paying all these fat allowances on top of salaries.


Sickened 1 year ago

And all I see are people driving around with red plates. We must have close to 1,000 cars also handed out to middle managers in government service. Even top management in the private sector and financial centre don't get a company car. This is bonkers.


hrysippus 1 year ago

I can only marvel that the State Employed workers responsible for filling in the potholes in our roads have been rewarded with this 58% increase in their responsibility allowance. Sigh.


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