FNM Women’s President: We must ‘all stand against GBV’


Tribune Freeport Reporter


KATHY Munnings, president of the FNM Grand Bahama Women’s Association, is calling on Bahamians to take a strong stand in the fight to end gender-based violence (GBV) in The Bahamas.

Last week, the second gender-based prevention Family Island Coordination Council was launched in Grand Bahama by the Department of Gender and Family Affairs in the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development. The first was launched in Abaco in March.

While speaking at the FNM Women’s Association monthly meeting in Freeport, Ms Munnings said GBV is a worldwide issue that mainly affects women and their children.

“Today, we call upon men and women to let their voices be heard in this fight to end gender-based violence in our country and worldwide,” she said in a statement.

“Here in The Bahamas, we are all too familiar with such happenings. Women, in particular, are primarily the victims of this injustice and by extension their children also suffer.”

“As a people, and as a community we must all take a strong stand and continue to call on the powers that be to address this matter that has resulted in not only mental, financial, physical and sexual violence, but lives being lost.”

Ms Munnings encouraged Bahamians to become keepers of their neighbours, and more importantly advocates for programmes and policies to address GBV and bring to justice those that are committing such acts.

Women, she stressed, have a right to feel safe in their homes and community.

“It will take each of us coming together with one voice to end GBV. Healing is needed for so many victims and we can all make a difference, by simply taking a stand to unite in fighting against it,” she said.


bahamianson 1 year ago

Stop talking foolishness. The men that were shot yesterday were victims or violence. Did women shoot them? Stop the talk about gender violence. Violence on the whole needs to be addressed. You pander to pointless agenda too much. Speak out against the men and women that are killed each year.


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