Mother of man killed by air rifle believes incident was not an ‘accident’



THE mother of a man who was shot while a co-worker was reportedly trying to clear a rifle wants answers about the death of her eldest son.

Police reported that the incident occurred shortly after 5pm on Saturday.

It was reported that the 37-year-old victim, Lavardo Fernander, was with co-workers at the back of a residence on Faith Avenue South, when one of the co-workers reportedly attempted to clear a high-powered air rifle.

Fernander was hit in his upper body and was later pronounced dead by EMS at the scene.

At present, police are questioning a 27-year-old man in connection with the incident.

However, Michelle Aranha, the mother of the deceased, said she does not believe that the incident was an “accident”, adding that she wants justice to prevail.

“An accident sweetie is me knocking my foot or getting knocked down or maybe a car accident. Do you understand me?

“An accident isn’t with a human life involved. Ain’t no accident could be explained for this, I keep telling people this,” the mother of six said.

She continued: “That’s a 37-year-old man (the deceased) that I raised from birth. I carried him nine months, until the day he died I was on the phone with him every day we laughed (and) we talked.

“Ain’t no accident there, miss. Ain’t no accident with people life and then on the back of that five children must pay the price because he was negligent. I don’t believe in that,” she added.

The deceased leaves behind a wife, one daughter and four sons.

Ms Aranha described her son as her “king” and “best friend” all in one, saying that he was everything a mother would want in a child.

Since the incident, she said the family is having a difficult time with accepting the death of the 37-year-old. However, after viewing the body of the deceased yesterday, the grieving mother said reality is beginning to sink in.

Fernander had the “three best occupations”, according to his mother, a resident of Berry Islands, as he was a qualified carpenter, a licensed boat captain and certified chef.

Despite the circumstances surrounding Fernander’s death, Ms Aranha is grateful for the outpouring of love and is hopeful that her eldest son’s legacy will live on.

Police are urging members of the community to ensure they obtain the proper firearm licences, noting that persons are encouraged to exercise safety precautions when operating firearms to prevent incidents of this nature from happening.

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