Tattered flag at OPM

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Haven’t driven west for a while but had reason to today as we start the celebration for the 50th anniversary of taking Independence and we are for the coming six months chair of CARICOM one would have thought where our proud national flag flies it would be fresh - not faded and not tattered?

Shame on OPM West Bay bold as brass the Bahamian flag flying at the entrance to the Office of The Prime Minister is seriously faded and the end of the flag starting to tear.

Let us hope other than all the blind celebrations the officials will check where the national flag flies over an official building that flag is smart, pristine and so very much proud being our national flag.

National pride is the primary instrument of our national flag - surely the Marines and all the officials, including at least once a week all Cabinet drive into OPM grounds surely one sees the flag and might make sure the flag is pristine.

Haven’t we learnt anything in 50 years? Can see why many questioned why are we celebrating?



January 24, 2023.


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