US VP: WE’LL TEAM UP TO HELP THE CARIBBEAN – Pledges made on guns, Haiti and climate change

United States Vice President Kamala Harris poses with Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis ahead of a meeting with Caribbean leaders where the issues of climate change and resilience, energy management, food security, illegal migration and Haiti were discussed. 
Photo: Austin Fernander

United States Vice President Kamala Harris poses with Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis ahead of a meeting with Caribbean leaders where the issues of climate change and resilience, energy management, food security, illegal migration and Haiti were discussed. Photo: Austin Fernander


US Vice-President Kamala Harris (pictured centre) and Chairman of CARICOM, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis (centre left), Prime Minister of The Bahamas, hosted discussions with leaders of Caribbean nations comprising the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), yesterday at Atlantis, Paradise Island. Also present was the Secretary General of CARICOM, Dr. Carla N. Barnett (pictured centre right). The agenda for discussion included regional issues: climate change and resilience, energy management, food security, and illegal migration. Photo: Austin Fernander


Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis Greeting US VP Kamala Harris ahead of multi-lateral Caribbean heads of government meeting. Photo: Austin Fernander


US VP Kamala Harris (left), Prime Minister and head of CARICOM Philip ‘Brave’ Davis (centre) and Secretary General of CARICOM, Dr. Carla N. Barnett. Photo: Austin Fernander


Belize’s Prime Minister John Briceno (left), Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley and Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell. Photo: BIS


US VP Kamala Harris speaks to CARICOM leaders on a variety of issues affecting Caribbean nations. Photo: BIS


Caribbean CARICOM leaders. Photo: BIS


Secretary General of CARICOM Dr. Carla N. Barnett. Photo: BIS


Tribune Staff Reporter


UNITED States Vice President Kamala Harris announced efforts to combat gun trafficking, provide concessionary funding and tackle climate change yesterday during the highest-profile visit an American official has made to The Bahamas in decades.

She announced the appointment of a coordinator for the Caribbean Firearms Prosecutions at the US Department of Justice to help crack down on firearm smugglers. She said the position would improve information sharing between regional countries to support the prosecution of traffickers.  

Vice President Harris co-hosted a US-Caribbean leaders meeting with Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis, the chair of CARICOM.

“Too many people in all of our countries are dying from gun violence,” she said in her address to Caribbean leaders at Atlantis.  

“I will reiterate that our administration is committed to disrupt gun trafficking.” 

“We are committed to interdict shipments of arms and ammunition and hold traffickers accountable, and today, I am pleased to announce that the United States Department of Justice will create a new position, a coordinator for Caribbean firearms prosecutions, which will help maximise information sharing between our countries to support the prosecution of traffickers. 

“This effort will be aided by the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which President Biden signed last year and includes new federal criminal offences for firearms trafficking and straw purchases.” 

Prime Minister Davis has continually urged the US to help reduce gun trafficking in the region, making this a core part of his crime reduction message and strategy.

During a CARICOM meeting in Trinidad and Tobago in April, Mr Davis cited statistics on how many recovered weapons in some Caribbean countries can be traced to the United States. 

In March, he announced that The Bahamas joined a $10bn lawsuit to hold US gun manufacturers accountable for the regional spread of firearms. 

Yesterday, Mrs Harris pledged support for Caribbean-led initiatives to counter firearms trafficking. 

She said: “Through the US law enforcement agencies, we are supporting a recently established Caribbean crime gun intelligence unit in Trinidad and Tobago to train officials in firearms investigations and help bring criminals to justice.  “And we will stand up a Haiti transnational criminal investigative unit in collaboration with the Haitian national police to facilitate investigation and prosecution of firearm and human trafficking, which affects the entire region.” 

 Regarding climate change, she said the US would invest $20m in the Caribbean Climate Investment Programme to encourage partnerships between the private sector and Caribbean nations for clean energy projects.

 Mrs Harris also announced a $15m investment to support emergency response efforts and strengthen the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency.

 She noted a recent meeting with the World Bank president, saying she told him the US would lead a diplomatic campaign on multilateral development bank reform. 

 She said the US believes addressing the climate crisis should be a “critical part of the mission of the World Bank”. 

 She said strengthening the US-Caribbean relationship is a priority for the Biden administration.

 The multilateral meetings are the fourth Vice President Harris has hosted with Caribbean leaders.

 Yesterday’s visit follows a June 22 meeting the vice president had with leaders at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. 

 Her visit led to tightened security at Atlantis, which was swarmed with US Secret Service agents. Helicopters flew above the resort as a precautionary measure and the bridge was closed for hours to accommodate her visit.  

Members of the media went through two security checkpoints. Their movement was closely monitored and restricted.


AnObserver 3 months, 3 weeks ago

So let me see if I understand this. Two 757s, a couple of cargo planes, and a few helicopters all flew thousands of miles to discuss climate change, instead of having an hour long Zoom meeting.

Way to go guys! We've solved the carbon emissions issue!


GodSpeed 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Always remember the climate exchanges rules are for us not them. Rules for thee, not for me. You must eat insects while they eat steak.


Maximilianotto 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Does Kamala Harris even know whom she’s meeting? Lol


ExposedU2C 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Harris's trip to the Bahamas was all about making sure our corrupt government officials and others within the corrupt elitist hierarchy of the PLP (e.g., Davis, Maynard-Gibson, Mitchell, Pinder, etc.) do nothing that would result in SBF being prosecuted in the U.S. for his many crimes involving the FTX debacle.

The corrupt White House and corrupt hierarchy of the Democrat Party (e.g., Biden, Harris, Waters, etc.) are desperately doing everything possible to avoid the truth coming out about how the Democrat Party received political donations from SBF totalling many millions of dollars that consisted of funds SBF had stolen from clients of FTX and its related entities.

And to think U.S. taxpayers are now being forced by the Biden administration to pony up more taxes for all of this foreign aid "hush money" that Harris so laughingly announces to our small nation's corrupt government officials with no media coverage of this travesty in the U.S. The dots are now much too easy to connect.


GodSpeed 3 months, 3 weeks ago

SBF through FTX was money laundering for Democrats some of those Ukraine $$$, lots of stolen US taxpayer money.


Maximilianotto 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Details please…. and don’t forget Bahamian cronies…


ThisIsOurs 3 months, 3 weeks ago

FTX gave money to the Democratic Party not the other way around


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