Halkitis says Davis administration has to ‘live with’ Cruise Port deal

ECONOMICS Affairs Minister Michael Halkitis. Photo: Austin Fernander

ECONOMICS Affairs Minister Michael Halkitis. Photo: Austin Fernander


Tribune Staff Reporter


ECONOMIC Affairs Minister Michael Halkitis said the Nassau Cruise Port deal the Minnis administration executed is one the Davis administration has to live with.

“It’s a deal done by the previous administration,” he told reporters before a Cabinet meeting.

“There are opinions being expressed as to the goodness or badness of it. My view from my position where I sit is governments are continuous. We have to live with it, and we have to make the best out of it.”

Immigration Minister Keith Bell called the deal the worst in Bahamian history during his budget communication in the House of Assembly last week.

Mr Bell said the Minnis administration executed a bad lease agreement, claiming the country would lose “hundreds of millions of dollars” in revenue for at least 27 years due to the investment.

The port disputed his claims of lost revenue.

Days later, Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper, the Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation, said during his 2023/2024 Budget presentation that the port was a “stunning achievement” that officials are happy to have at the country’s “most popular entryway”.

In 2019, the Minnis administration arranged a 25-year-long lease with Global Ports Holdings valued at $250m for the management and development of the Nassau Cruise Port.


mandela 5 months ago

Any deal that was negotiated under the Minnis administration, is a bad deal. Point blank.


hrysippus 5 months ago

We have survived worse. The country survived, just, the 1824 (?) hurricane, it survived 26 years of Ping's corruption smeared :nation for sale." years, it even survived the despicable and incompetent years of the Emperor's" (sic) administration, complete with the con firmed bachelour and the corrupt and greedy wicked witch of the west, so..... just maybe......


ExposedU2C 5 months ago

Michael Maura is laughing all the way to the bank along with Anthony Ferguson and James Smith, and of course their Greek master.


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