Promiscuity is to be lauded?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I was hoping not to get mired publicly in this issue, but the more I watch the revolution and revocation of forbidden sexual attraction and practices, the more I begin to question the philosophical, familial and societal implication of the alphabet agenda community.

By now, I guess everyone in society is well aware of the putative power that they wield to shutter and shatter organisations, destabilise or hamstring governments, cancel individuals who dare to disagree with their illusionary behaviour and lifestyle. But, has anyone really considered the meaning of the B in this mnemonic?

The B stands for bisexual. Well, I assume that is what it stands for since the goalpost is constantly being moved. I get to understand that some individuals who are afraid of being labeled as homosexuals prefer to self-identify as bisexuals, which tends to have a more softened effect and is more “accepting” by their families.

From our basic understanding of English and math, doesn’t the word bi mean two? Has bi taken on another meaning? That’s possible! Since what we have always known as basic scientific fact is now being touted as fluid or situational truth.

Bisexuality, I reckon, is when an individual has or claims to have sexual attraction for two people: one of their own born gender and another of the oppositely born gender.

If we seriously examine bisexuality, we will see that in promoting it we will now subliminally or blatantly disregard the commitment to monogamous relationship. This is something that we have been promoting for years to reduce or eliminate sexually transmitted infections. Has this campaign taken a backseat? Or will the promoters of this type of behaviour be cancelled?

If the idea of sticking to one sexual partner still holds true, then bisexuality, which has found its ways in the alphabet agenda community, is counter to that. We cannot be telling our children one thing then subliminally normalising the same behaviour that we are advocating against. This is complete lunacy and hypocrisy!

With bisexuality, we will now be promoting three people in a relationship. Tripartite relationship, mmm? Isn’t this an asininely covert way of encouraging promiscuity? Don’t we overtly turn our noses up at people who knowingly practice promiscuity? Or has this begun to change?

By the way, does promiscuity still have the same meaning? It is so difficult to keep up with the English language because words are constantly “evolving”.

Before you come at me with “the science”, let’s make sure that we are using some science that we can establish basic fact. Currently, “the science” which is being used actually contradicts science. “The science” doesn’t know what a woman is while science clearly defines who that is. So, let’s be sure we are arguing from objective science and reality instead of “the” subjective and situational science.

With this new revelation, can anyone now use the word infidelity with any authority? Absolutely not! Will the term adultery slowly fall into disuse or is it being wilfully retired? Is there a new word or phrase afoot to replace same?

Can an individual within a marriage accuse the other person of cheating, if either self-identifies as a bisexual?

What we now know and hold as civilised sexual behaviour among publicly elected and appointed officials or anyone for that matter will be called into question. Can their sexually immoral behaviour, if it is considered immoral, be questioned if they self identify as bisexual?

Is it our desire to contribute to the sweetheart pandemic? If so, we are doing a great job!

With the endorsement and normalisation of this behaviour, how can we tell an individual that he or she can’t self-identify as tripartite lover?

I reckon that with the normalisation of this agenda, we will have to hold a ceremony to posthumously absolve those whom we, as a society, crucified for this deviant sexual behaviour.



March 15, 2023.


hrysippus 8 months, 3 weeks ago

was hoping not to get mired publicly in this issue,bit thethe glarlngly obvious wickedendness apparent in this letter writer leaves me little other choice, . People who make their money off of the bususiness of relgion often leave reason and logic by the wayside; this letter is a case in poimt, To asertthat someone of a bisexual persuasion engages in wantom three -somes is ridiculous , to say the least.Ignorant migt be better appelation. Sigh. ,


ThisIsOurs 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Trying to figure out where the article came from, seems odd. Maybe from one of those Jerry Springer like podcasts or radio shows? If so, the thing about them is they get listeners by being titillating not by talking about anything with sense.

Anyway as @hrysippus said there seems to be a fundamental misinterpretation of words. What the pastor is really talking about is the proliferation of permiscuity. Which does not have a one to one relationship with any sexual identity. People are people, some are good, some are bad some are faithful some are permiscuous despite their race religion sexuality or profession. For example married hetorosexual pastors who sleep with multiple women in the congregation. No relation to author just pointing out the mistake in linking permiscuity or monogamy to sexuality. It's a matter of the heart... the God kind, the one that is akin to character


ThisIsOurs 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Promiscuity... permiscuity would probably be a bad hair day


hrysippus 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Bad hair day,Promiscuity or permiscuity, you understood my posit. Congrats and thanks for the back up.


AnObserver 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Religion is no longer relevant to the world we live in.


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