Harbour Bay parking

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Annoyance is a mild description when trying to shop at Harbour Bay Shopping Centre – where do the potential shoppers park?

I tested what’s going on – the result is obvious the employees of the office space are parking where shoppers should be and shoppers can’t find parking — you waste a lot of time, but there are certainly businesses that are in Harbour Bay and you have to try to shop there.

Surely, the owners have employee parking somewhere? Someone told me there is adequate employee parking to the rear of the buildings, but it is perceived as being unsafe.

Owners, please take immediate steps to make Harbour Bay somewhere you will want to try to shop.

VAT On Health Insurance Claims - The Financial Secretary does not have to wait till Budget makes the obvious decision. First why is there VAT on Health policies for starters? Why should anyone think that the Health Insurance provider is liable to pay VAT on an amount being paid back to the insured on which VAT has been paid - no double charging on VAT we were told!

Clear up Harbour Bay, please, and Financial Secretary make the only sensible decision... you have already collected, sir.



March 20, 2023.


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