Despite signed agreement members wait on payment

BPSU president Kimsley Ferguson.

BPSU president Kimsley Ferguson.

TWO months after the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) and Bahamas Public Service Union signed an industrial agreement, union members are still awaiting back pay for hazardous allowance.

BPSU president Kimsley Ferguson said he is concerned about the government’s unfulfilled commitments.

He was speaking to reporters after signing a $40m industrial agreement with the government.

He said PHA’s managing director, Aubynette Rolle, advised him PHA is awaiting funding from the Ministry of Finance, adding the prime minister in a meeting last week promised to rectify the matter.

 “There was supposed to be a payout to various categories of persons in relation to hazard allowance,” he said.

 “Commitments were made by the Public Hospitals Authority to ensure that those payments would have been made. To date, those payments have yet to be made, those payments would have been retroactive from the first of July 2022.”

 The union’s president said that the government hasn’t explained the reason for the delay.

 “We have signed in good faith and we are hoping that the government will do their part,” he said. 

 “There are persons who are working in an environment that is hazardous to their health. There is the likelihood that these individuals can (give) ailments to their family members and so we are very concerned.” 

 He said some 4,000 members are awaiting payment, people who range from low to high risk for hazards in their fields.


Sickened 2 months, 1 week ago

Lol! Y'all really expect the PLP to pay this? That was just a promise... it don't mean sit to the PLP.


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