Search effort for missing Bimini men is called off

Nazar Robins and James Toote, Jr.

Nazar Robins and James Toote, Jr.


Tribune Staff Reporter


SEARCH efforts for two Bimini men who went missing at sea last week have ended.

Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association chairman Eddie Whan said yesterday that the search for James Toote, 31, and Naz’r Robins, 25, has been unsuccessful.

“Basically, we searched and searched and searched all week, last week with planes, boats and helicopters. Basically, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force was the lead in the case, and yesterday (Sunday) we searched again and that was our last day. We gave it all just about a full week, two planes, three planes in the air at all times,” he said.

“We have done everything that we can possibly humanly do up until yesterday.

“We have had negative results in all of the searches.”

Mr Whan denied social media rumours that the men were in the custody of US authorities, calling this “hogwash”.

Renee Robins, the mother of Naz’r Robins, told The Tribune last week that she was hopeful her son would return home in good health.

“I am praying for the best,” she had said. “I am praying for whatever and that God is in charge.”


avidreader 2 months, 1 week ago

Very unfortunate. If I recall correctly, the original story mentioned that they had purchased a boat in Freeport and were ferrying it back to Bimini. If the boat had not been carefully surveyed especially to determine if there had been any repairs to her hull which I assume was fibreglass, there was always the risk of a catastrophic hull failure while under way at speed. I recall a case that I witnessed many years ago at Highbourne Cay, Exuma, when a few young men departed Highbourne Cay early one morning in a speedboat that was somewhat worse for the wear. The sea was quite choppy and they faced a 33 mile trip to New Providence across the Yellow Banks. They returned to Highbourne Cay late that afternoon in a boat that was half submerged and barely moving under the power of the outboard motor. After they beached their boat we spectators could see a severe crack in the hull, probably where an improper repair had been made. I never forgot that situation.


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