Friend says victim was changing to a godly life

COASHA Patton and Tennison Chisholm.

COASHA Patton and Tennison Chisholm.


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE best friend of a man killed on Monday night said the victim was transitioning to a godly lifestyle before he was killed.

Coasha Patton said she collapsed when she got a call that Tennison Chisholm, 28, was killed leaving the gym.

She was at the airport, walking to the gate before a trip to Dubai when she learned news that turned her world upside down.

“I collapsed and lost track of everything that was going on,” she said. “I cancelled my trip immediately.”

Ms Patton said she and Tennison were friends for almost a decade.

She said he messaged her daily.

She said she felt something was wrong when he didn’t message her on Monday.

“Tennison and I were always foot to foot behind each other,” she said. “Our outings were never planned. Wherever I am, he was sure to be there. Even if it was a place that made him uncomfortable, it didn’t matter to him.”

“We never went to sleep without making sure we were inside our home safe.”

Chief Superintendent of Police Chrislyn Skippings said Tennison was shot earlier this year and was on bail for attempted murder.

Ms Patton said he never told her he felt unsafe or threatened.

“I asked him numerous  times if everything was okay, and he said yes,” she said.

She said she is in denial about her friend’s death, describing him as kind, the life of the party, and a gifted singer.

“It doesn’t feel real to me,” she said.

 Ms Patton, the owner of Eyedeal Minks, said despite his past, Tennison dreamt of opening up a clothing store.

 “He wanted to get into selling clothes and open up a storefront,” she said.

 “He spoke to me about it all the time. He never wanted to work for anybody.”

 “He was transitioning gradually from what I’ve noticed. Over the past few months, he started involving God in a lot of his plans.”

 A video shared on social media showed the deceased singing in a church after he was shot earlier this year.

 His death was the 81st murder for the year, according to The Tribune’s records.


Sickened 1 month ago

It's never too late to turn to God. Unfortunately, the people you cross and the crap you do on your journey to God often come back to bite you. Hopefully he made his peace and deeply and sincerely regretted his wrong doings.


birdiestrachan 1 month ago

Sorry for your loss..may his soul rest in peace. JESUS loves him ❤️


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