Business not easy in The Bahamas

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Inflation — alleged unnecessary cost increase of retail — merchants not passing reduction of Duty/Taxes on?

First, when last did the Ministry of Finance meet with the merchants? There should be a standing Committee meeting monthly to review trends and changes in the market.

Doing business is not easy in The Bahamas... Turn-over is limited to the purchasing public’s total of probably under 200,000 persons — massive competition from Miami — on-line and the untalked level of consumer stealing/tiefing. Topping that Government institutionalised. “It’s Better shopping in Miami” over shopping at home...still a returning travel exemption of $1000a year spilt over 26-weeks... great, the new Exempt app is catching more and more revenue from these folks who have chosen Miami over Nassau.

What is the basic weekly bread basket purchase of the majority? Is this price? What is the middle-class basket? Anyone knows if you don’t how can the politicos make negative critical comments? Uninformed, but criticise. Suggest to the politicos refrain from watching Social media and listening to Talk Shows the participants comments are never responded to by the merchants the Talk Shows don’t want that. Does anyone mention the enormous level of not paying for merchandise? Supermarkets include an up charge for loss/dented merchandise 2.5%, but ask any merchant he will confirm their loss over the 2.5% is as much as a further 3+%...3% on a gross sale of $200 million is...a whopping $6 million guess who swallows that cost... keep the lights on, etc, etc.



November 15, 2023.


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