The cost of insurance

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Medical Health Insurance in The Bahamas unless in a group is exceptionally expensive.

You must have been seeing numerous advertisements on US TV stations promoting Health Insurance as coverage is renewable annually in conjunction with Medicare and Medicaid.

What caught my eye was the ‘valuable incentives’ the US health providers offer. How is it the Bahamas-based providers never offer any incentive, except if you pay the high premium early, for full year? Discount coupon on groceries — discount on prescriptions — dental care — eye care — rent — straight discount - Bahamas providers offer absolutely nothing.

The health insured is not a large portion of us they say 25% - a very high percentage always seeks medical care in the US so if the US provider can offer these concessions why can’t, why won’t, more so, the local Health provider provide?

Someone needs to investigate this. Premiums are excessive and very restrictive with conditions and pay-outs. Note recently we heard Doctors Hospital stopped paying to the providers a discount — wonder who made that up? Hmm no one except us.



November 15, 2023.


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