Two year wait for MSC deal

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The obviously rushed for PR effect HOA with MSC for further expansion at their treasure island Ocean Cay raises a critical question … declared that the proposal for the $100m development was pending more than two years! By the way Ocean Cay has nothing to do with Bimini or West End.

Surely it wasn’t that MSC hadn’t proven their qualification? Surely it wasn’t that funding was a question? MSC is one of the largest most profitable global corporations around - they made a bid to acquire by takeover Global Ports - great pity they didn’t, Bahamas could have gotten a far better deal than the FNM did possibly we could have got a commitment for MSC to port at least two-mega ships right out of Port of Miami to Nassau on way down to the Caribbean not as is the last port of call - passengers maxed their plastic.

If FDI projects have to wait around for two years I can guarantee the Davis-Cooper government will be a failure - two years to create 200 jobs and they, the government, so proud but, of course, if it wasn’t for the bye election MSC would probably still be waiting in 2026!

Truly amazed and surprised thought Davis-Cooper were far smarter. No wonder Jamaica gets the investors faster.



November 21, 2023.


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